Profile gumowe produkcja

Rubber profiles production

Rubber profiles are produced on the basis of materials such as:

-rubber NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, HNBR, CR, FKM;

-silicone rubbers (MVQ);

-polyester and polyester polyurethanes (PU).

Rubber profiles must come from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers. The manufacturer should provide all standards and certificates.

What properties do rubber profiles have?

Depending on the material, rubberprofiles may have:

-oil resistance;

-acid resistance;

-resistance to adverse weather conditions;

-resistance to mechanical damage;

-for food contact;

-resistance to UV radiation and ozone.

Rubber products are usually manufactured under the customer’s individual order. The standard version of rubber products are straight cords with a round, square or rectangular cross-section. Rubber products can have different colors and dimensions. Their hardness ranges from 25 to 90o Sh.

Elastomeric mixture is a standard rubber profile material. They can swell, shrink, harden, which is why it is so important to choose the right material for rubber products.

rubber profile


Rubber profiles- application

They are present in everyday life. Most often, they are made of:

-seals for garage doors;

-seals for windows and doors.

They are used by production companies, they have a typical technical application, they are used to seal steel structures. They are involved in food production. The rubber products used there must meet the requirements for food contact.

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