Najazdy kablowe w Warszawie

Cable raid in Warsaw

Cable protectors protect cables and wires from damage. They secure electrical connections. The plugs are torn and torn from the electrical connections, the participants before tripping, and this confirms the high impact on safety and functionality, which allows to preserve the continuity of the event.

National Stadium with cable protectors in Warsaw

One of the interesting realization of the delivery of cable trays in Warsaw is our service of events in the national stadium. Numerous events, concerts, service of mass events, races, birthdays and matches of our football team are events that need to increase the level of security due to the large number of damage to this event. Locations in the capital of Poland-Warszaw underlines the importance of the protection of electrical connections against pedestrian and car traffic.

The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw secures cables and wires

Another realization is the delivery of our cable covers to Warsaw for the most famous building in Poland. The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, measuring 231m, has 123 084 m2 of surface area, which can be protected by cables and wires for the fairs and events held. To ensure the safety of guests and their employees, a reasonable purchase was made.

Cable Protector i2
Cable Protector i2

Cable Protectors – Transport

The raid is designed to protect the previously mentioned cables and wires. In order to provide this function, our guards should have the right weight. This is due to the target of obstructing the movement of these elements by external factors such as Cars, trucks, or groups of merry parties. The proper weight of the raid, the greater its usability when applied, but also requires proper transport. Current times are increasing this transport, which encourages the minimization of additional kilometers in the supply of equipment.

Cable protectors from POWER Rubber-Warsaw and around

Here with the solution comes POWER Rubber. The warehouse located at the exit of the A2 motorway and the S8 route in Pruszków allows easy access to Warsaw, including the National stadium and the Palace of Culture and science. In our warehouse we strive to possess quantities that can handle our customers ‘ inquiries.

Cable and Cable Protectors
Cable and Cable Protectors

Cable Protectors Warsaw

Cable crossings are a synonym for the raid, or cabling. The thresholds-as the name implies-separates the space, while securing the cables and wires inside their guards.
Cables that can fit into the cable thresholds in Warsaw are cables with diameters of up to 1mm, up to the largest dimensions or 70mm in diameter. It is worth adding that the available color is the most common: yellow and black color. In our offer we also have yellow thresholds, which are even better visible than black models.

Cable Protectors rental Warsaw
Cable Protectors rental Warsaw

Thresholds Rentals-What does the offer include?

Our offer allows you to purchase all the offered is and rent. We also operate as cable hire and rental companies in Warsaw. We allow you to rent thresholds with the following channels:

  • 1 channel
  • 2-Channel
  • 3-Channel
  • 5-Channel TV


We invite you to take advantage of the offer with POWEReM!


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