Road accessories Warszawa

Road accessories Warszawa

When it comes to accessories, the road signs are definitely the most important of them. Everyone should know the marking of road signs. Regardless of whether we have a driving license and are active drivers, or we move only by bike or on foot, it does not release us from the obligation to know at least some basic meanings of road signs. They are designed to provide a sense of security to all of us. They allow you to move freely around the city.

Types of road accessories

  • Road cones – their main task is the organization of road traffic. They designate traffic lanes and areas excluded from use. They are used in short road works. The main advantage of these products is that they are light and easy to set up, which is why they are most often used for painting road lanes where large and heavy separators would be too heavy a load. Their net price is about PLN 40.
  • Separators – modular barriers filled with water or sand. They mark the lanes of traffic on the reconstructed road and protect the spaces excluded from traffic. They are most often white and red. Their net price is about PLN 120.
  • Bases for road signs – they are used for stable positioning of temporary, vertical road signs, as well as road barriers. They stabilize and keep the mounted elements vertical. Thanks to them, road signs can be placed where needed without the need to dig them into the ground. The manufacturer states that the net price is about PLN 40.
  • Cat’s eyes – these are convex reflective elements glued to the second surface. Horizontal road signs are underlined with them. Thanks to them, the signs are visible to road users during rain or at night. They are very resistant to all kinds of impact and abrasion. The manufacturer states that the net price is about PLN 20.
  • Road signs – have a much larger area than standard road signs. Several signs can be placed on one board or an explanatory board next to the sign. They are often made with a reflective technique to increase the visibility of warnings from the greatest possible distance.
  • Posts – products of this type are galvanized steel pipes, vertical signs are mounted on them. Their diameter ranges from 50mm to 76mm. Their assembly consists in digging them into the ground, the manufacturer recommends a depth of about 80 cm, and then pouring them with concrete. It is equipped with the so-called an anchor that prevents the mark from being pulled out or turned. A rubber plug is mounted on the upper hole of the post, which protects against water ingress and thus rusting of the elements.

road and parking equipment shop Warszawa

Speed bumps and their huge role in road traffic:

Although speed limit signs are placed at every step and should oblige you to obey what is written on them, the reality shows that not every driver adheres to these rules. Therefore, services that ensure road safety use other methods of combating too fast driving. Speed bumps come to the rescue here. Their use forces drivers to comply with speed limits and stay safe on the road. Speed bumps are perfect for housing estates and shopping malls, where parking spaces are very narrow and you need to be especially careful. Thanks to the speed bumps, cars that leave the parking space are also less likely to break down with an oncoming vehicle.

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