Rubber pads for the compactor

Rubber pads for the compactor

Compactors are construction machines that make it easier for us to perform not only construction works, but also garden works. These include compacting sand for paving stones or leveling the soil. Such steps are necessary if we want the grass to grow evenly. An important element of the construction of this machine are rubber cushions for the compactor, made of the highest quality materials, which allow for free and safe use of the device through vibration isolation. The purpose of the compactor rubber cushions is to support the weight of the engine and gearbox, enable connection with the chassis, and suppress noise related to the frequency of movements. Thanks to their properties, the cushions will also prove themselves as vibro-isolating fasteners for similar devices such as: aggregates, air conditioners, fans, production lines, agricultural and industrial machines.

Rubber pads for the compactor and their categories

Rubber vibration isolators:

  • Type A, i.e. cylindrical vibration isolators with two external threads
  • Type B, which has one external thread and one internal thread

  • Typu C, poduszki, które posiadają dwa gwinty wewnętrzne

  • Type D, such a vibro-isolator has one external thread, and the other side is rubber

  • Type E, this insulator has female thread on one side and rubber on the other side

  • Parabolic pillows are distinguished by their conical shape

  • Rubber and metal feet

Guarantee of the quality of products such as rubber pads for the compactor

By using our services, you have a guarantee of quality, because we focus on top-shelf materials. Our company is still developing, therefore new, improved rubber pads for the compactor will appear over time. Technology is constantly moving forward and innovative machines are produced. Together with designers, we are constantly working on new models of parts, which will be an indispensable element of modern devices, and our rubber cushions for the compactor will be irreplaceable. We work with advertising companies for partners who support us. Thanks to them, we have a greater ability to deliver advertisements on the move, so that many customers find out about us.

Vibro-isolators for machines

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We strive to make our rubber cushions for the compactor are made with the greatest care You need rubber pads for a compactor of a non-standard size and format, contact us and we will help you choose the right one.


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