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Grooved rubber

During the construction of a new surface or renovation of an already worn one, we often wonder how to protect the substrate in such a way as to ensure the greatest possible safety. In addition to such an important factor, we also think about the convenience of use and the ease of keeping the surface clean. When browsing various catalogs and offers, it is worth paying attention to the specific protection of the ground offered by the grooved rubber. It is a type of rubber that is intended to be used as a liner. It works perfectly wherever frequent stains may occur, as well as in places where the substrate is in contact with chemical contaminants. Often a grooved rubberis popularly called a groove. The common name comes from the surface of the rubber, which is covered with grooves, i.e. grooves that drain fluids from the surface of the rubber.

Where to use grooved floor coverings?

The wide range of possibilities in which this product can be used results from the various forms in which we can find it on sale. Depending on the method of preparation of the product, it often has a different name. If we are interested in securing the substrate, a rubber floor covering is an excellent choice. This is the most popular form of using this product. If the room requiring coverage is relatively large, it is worth looking at the form of the product, which is rubber by the meter. After measuring the area, we can purchase the quantity in meters ideally suited to our needs.Grooved rubber liningsare an excellent method to protect large surfaces from contamination, as well as to protect against unforeseen damage. Depending on the preferences, the customer may decide to buy products with a narrow or a wide groove.

If the entire surface does not have to be protected, but only a part of it, then grooved rubber mats are available on the market. It is a ready-made, cut-to-size version of a high-quality grooved rubber. Such a sheet of rubber will be perfect for protecting a part of the substrate that is exposed to leaks or defects. Rubber mats are often used to protect workbenches. During repairs, oil leaks and sometimes oil derivatives also occur. The rubber lining used in such a place allows any leaks to be led to a safe place dedicated to such an application.

Grooved floor coverings are also often used as a base for machines and devices, as well as in the form of a floor in motor vehicles. The product specification also allows it to be used in many other places. The most popular color is black, but it is worth remembering that there are also different colors of rubbers available on the market.

What do grooved rubber linings provide?

If a grooved rubber lining is installed on our floor, it will ensure long-term use due to the specific properties of this product. Agrooved floorcovering is one of the products that are characterized by:

  • resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage,
  • easy to clean,
  • the possibility of a long period of use, without the need for repairs,
  • a choice of many available types, textures, and the width of the groove.

It is worth remembering that due to the material used, grooved rubber linings are non-slip.

grooved industrial rubber lining

What are grooved floor coverings made of?

The most common grooved rubber is made of SBR, i.e. styrene-butadiene rubber. This material belongs to the group of elastomers and is formed as a result of emulsion copolymerization of butadiene and styrene. The basic properties of the material include resistance to inorganic acids and bases, glycol-based brake fluids, water, and alcohols. When deciding ongrooved floor coverings, it is worth remembering that SBR is not resistant to oils, mineral greases and gasoline. In such specific conditions, an oil-resistant product is needed. Styrene-butadiene rubber is often used with an admixture of natural rubber. Such an admixture causes the rubber to acquire the properties of rubber, but does not lose its aging resistance. This product is also used for:

  • seals,
  • production of tires and inner tubes
  • shock absorbing and vibration damping elements,
  • creating electrical insulating elements,

It must not be forgotten that SBR is a flammable material, and under the influence of insulating mineral oils it swells and dissolves. For this reason, it is not recommended to use a rubber protection on the floor in such conditions.

Grooved rubber linings can be found in the wide range of our store.

rubber mats in wide washing machines

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