Rubber mats in horse stalls

Rubber mats in horse stalls

A rubber breeding mat in a horse box is a modern solution that offers countless benefits from its use. This method of insulation used in the stable is extremely practical, economical and ecological.

Easy to assemble, modular elements allow for precise matching of the carpet to any room size. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry about gaps that collect dirt and dirt, as well as places from which cold or moisture could reach. The rubber mats are extremely easy to clean. They can be dismantled at any time, thoroughly washed under running water, and then placed back in the box.
Another important argument in favor of this solution is the significant savings on litter. Of course, this translates into the financial balance, and thus less need for straw or sawdust, then you do not have to worry about their storage and a number of other troublesome matters. The most important thing, however, is that rubber mats are completely hypoallergenic, so they are suitable for stalls of horses suffering from asthma or allergies. Each owner of such an animal knows how troublesome and difficult it is to find an appropriate solution to the problem of respiratory problems.

Rubber mats for boxing

The owners of stables with a limited size will surely like rubber mats. Both fresh and used litter must be stored, which takes up a huge amount of space. When using rubber insulation, this need dramatically diminishes or ceases to exist altogether.
The porous structure of the rubber is fully permeable to all kinds of liquid contamination. Thanks to this, the horse using a given box stays in a dry and comfortable environment.
The mats are completely resistant to environmental conditions such as high and low temperatures, pressure of heavy weight, moisture, friction, etc. They can be used in the stalls of all horses – from ponies to cold-blooded workhorses. The rubber insulation in the stall is a great solution that every horseman should take into account if he cares about the comfort of his animals.

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