Rubber stable mats increase the comfort in the stable

Rubber stable mats increase the comfort in the stable

Stable mats are a rubber surface designed to reduce fatigue in the horses’ joints in the stable. This is due to the standing position of the animal. Most often, rubber mats for stables are 10 to 25 mm thick and black. Mats for stables for horses can be successfully used not only in stalls, but also in trailers for transporting horses.

Stable mats for horse stalls

Stable mats reduce fatigue for horses. Let’s think about what this advantage comes from?

The rubber of the stall mats makes the animal isolated from the cold and damp floor. What’s more, the rubber granulate mats mean that horses do not have to stand on a hard surface. The use of stable mats in stalls has a positive effect on the horses’ joints and significantly reduces hoof wear.

Concrete floor in breeding horses is often lined with litter. The bedding is designed to protect ungulates from slipping and falling, and to keep the stable in order. Unfortunately, the litter often has to be supplemented and corrected. A more economical solution is to use stable mats for stalls.

The main feature that makes it possible to achieve such an effect is the structure of such a rubber mat for stables. Moreover, the stall mats for horse stalls are flexible, so they dampen noise when walking. They cushion the horse’s joints more than regular bedding. Breeding horses withgranulated mats do not run the risk of slipping.

Niekwestionowaną zaletą mat stajennych do boksów jest łatwe i bezproblemowe utrzymanie ich w czystości. Water is enough to keep the mat clean. It is worth noting that a wet mat made of rubber granules retains its anti-slip properties. Stable mats reduce ammonia fumes better than other types of bedding (wood shavings, straw) which absorb urine and keep the stable odor. Rubber granulate cubes are an alternative to stable mats. Go to our store and see our offer of stable mats.

Stable mats

There are the following types of mats for stables on the market:

  • solid rubber mats
  • mats for stables made of rubber granules
  • plastic box mats

Depending on the destination, you should choose the type of mat carefully. Go to the store and contact us!

Stable mat use areas

Stable mats are used in many places. So let’s check where rubber surfaces for stables are most often used:

  • Stall mats / horse stalls
  • Paddock
  • Horse carousel

Horse stall mats

A boxing is where the horse is kept. Most often, such a box has dimensions: 3 x 5 meters. This allows for the comfort of functioning of both the horse, rider and people who care about the cleanliness of the stable.

Increasing the comfort and order thanks to the mat for the stable

POWER Rubber stable mats are very durable. They are made of rubber granules which:

  • can be easily cleaned
  • it is resistant to vibrations and vibrations
  • provides a stable base for horse stalls,
  • prevents damage to the shoes, takes care of the hooves
Paddock – a perfect place for breeding ground

The paddock is a fenced square, where we can let the horse out and ride. Most often, we can come across a paddock with a sandy ground, but you can also use modern solutions such as POWER Rubber mats. Go to the store and find out more!

Paddock mats increase traction and reduce the risk of the horse tipping over. What’s more, paddock mats are perfect for horse racing. In the horse stable, you can also mount them on the wall to avoid kicking or biting. Paddock mats are a great insulation on cold days. An alternative to mats are rubber cubes. The rubber cube absorbs shocks.

Champion lair mat for horses

Horse merry-go-round outside and in the stable

The horse merry-go-round is perfect for keeping them active. They are animals that need a lot of exercise, all with their health in mind. It is also worth taking care of their safety and getting mats for the stables will work just as well here. We will save money and time for vet visits. You can buy stable mats here. Go to the store and check our offer.

The horse merry-go-round keeps the horse in good physical condition. This is especially important when the animal spends most of the day in the horse stable. A rubber peg for a carousel increases the safety of a horse moving on it.

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