Metal-rubber vibro-isolators Types

Metal-rubber vibro-isolators Types

Rubber vibration isolators isolate vibrations generated by machines or motors. They also improve conditions for people and the environment, where in most cases they increase productivity. Vibro-isolators are divided into different series depending on the direction of vibration suppression, type, weight placed on the vibration isolator, as well as the natural frequency range.

Metal-rubber vibro-isolators Types

Visor insulators

Here you can buy various types of rubber shock absorbers

Machine feet

The feet are used to protect and insulate machines and systems. The washers from this series are used as supports for technical and industrial machines. Applications of these vibro-isolators are vibration isolation:

  • Machines
  • small presses
  • workstations
  • assembly stations
  • test devices
  • calibration devices
  • conveyors

One foot is able to lift up to 5,900 kg. Their natural frequency is from 8Hz to 24Hz. The temperature at which they can operate is from -30 ℃ to + 80 ℃. The outer casing of the washers is made of zinc, while the insulating medium is made of neoprene, chloroprene and rubber.

Rubber machine vibro-isolators

Cup vibro-isolators

The socket vibro-isolators protect the structure and components from all types of shocks and vibrations. They can deviate in three axes out of the third possible (X, Y and Z). They are equipped with shock-absorbing neoprene material. The material can be additionally covered with silicone for a better damping effect in extreme conditions and high loads. They have a central thread or a through hole. They protect machines, electronic systems and components in difficult conditions and keep vibrations at a distance.


Mcc vibration isolators

The vibration isolators can be used in all low-frequency applications below 15 Hz. Remember that 15Hz is about 900 revolutions, we reduce the vibration level to almost zero!
By using the combination of the natural frequency, the system can be reduced to 6-10 Hz (Almost inaudible to humans). At 1,500 revolutions (25Hz), the Mcc series vibration isolation level is approx. 90%, or almost 100%! These vibro-isolators are made of galvanized steel and various rubber compounds, which allows them to be used at temperatures from -30 ℃ to + 80 ℃.


Cylindrical vibro-isolators

Cylindrical vibro-isolators are rubber-metal shock absorbers. If you are looking for a solution to protect against vibrations of small and light equipment, do not hesitate any longer! They can withstand a pressure of up to 22.7 kg. They isolate vibrations similarly to socket vibro-isolators (in each axis). Their use is to protect light electronic components, but also to protect off-road vehicles and military applications.

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