Wykładzina gumowa metro

Rubber metro

A rubber lining brings many advantages, although few people are aware of the wealth of possibilities that this material offers. It is a guarantee of durability and, above all, functionality, because thanks to the variety of forms, this material can be used in almost all conditions. A good example is the extremely practical and popular molet metro station. It is a universal substrate, very simple and quick to install. Customers appreciate its anti-slip properties, and thus – a higher level of safety in the workplace or in the living space.

What distinguishes this type of rubber surface?

A characteristic and distinguishing feature of the metro area is its shape and structure. This type of rubber lining is knurled. This means that in the course of material preparation, a turner or other professional uses a special screw to indent a pattern to eliminate slippage. This technique is otherwise known as knurling. Such a procedure also makes it easier to keep clean, but above all, it increases the safety of using this floor covering. The knurled linings we offer are also anti-electrostatic, have the necessary certificates and certificates, which confirm the high quality of workmanship and all possessed properties.. They are made of a high-quality rubber mixture, which also provides excellent damping of vibrations picked up from the environment and is resistant to cracking. This allows for more intensive work of machines and greater comfort for users. The only limitation is that the rubber knurl should not be used when exposed to sunlight or ozone. As standard, rubber has a thermal resistance ranging from -30 degrees Celsius to +80 degrees. Most often, this type of lining is used in buildings and rooms with intense pedestrian traffic. This applies to shops, wholesalers, warehouses, but also the surface of stairs, inclined driveways or carpets in motor vehicles. This contributes to increased safety. It also has shock-absorbing and soundproofing properties, thanks to which it is also popularly installed in underground garages and elevators.

The most important properties and method of assembly

Subway substrates owe their specific structure many additional properties that smooth rubbers do not have. They can be used for flooring in motor vehicles – cars, trucks, tractors, trucks and other heavy equipment, as well as in industrial and commercial premises or in large-area warehouses. The carpet retains all its functions if properly arranged. It can be unfolded without sticking, i.e. in a free state, or attached to the floor with the use of adhesives commonly used in construction, dedicated to rubber surfaces. Especially in vehicles where the cut piece of carpet may be exposed to shifting, it is worth fixing and securing the rubber in this way. This is less necessary for large surfaces as the rubber should not move by itself. Another advantage of this type of floor covering is that it prevents the accumulation of electrostatic charges on it. This increases the comfort of use and ensures a much longer durability.

Rubber Lining in Green Coins

Here you can buy metro mats in different colors

Wide range of applications

The metro rubbers that are available in our online store are available in many colors. On individual request, you can also cut the size of the material to your own needs. All this means that it will almost perfectly match the dangerous slippery surfaces that we want to protect. Carpeting is widely used all over the world. Satisfied customers praise it especially for its simple, uncomplicated assembly, which does not require many additional tools, and for durability, durability, as well as proven and effective anti-slip properties. Manufactured from appropriate mixtures of granules, it is also resistant to abrasion and other mechanical damage, thanks to which it will also perform well in the heavy industry sector. The metro lining is convenient to clean, which is another advantage, especially in a dynamic workplace, such as, for example, a workshop. Metro lining is offered in various thicknesses, from 1 mm to even a few millimeters, so everyone will find something suitable for themselves. It is a truly universal, high-quality material that can be used in many places.

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