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Oil-resistant rubber sheets

The main problem of the materials from which standard rubber plates are made is their lack of resistance to use in places where rubbers come into contact with various types of oils. This is a common case of using rubbers as machine supports where leaks can occur. In this case, oil-resistant rubbers should be used. These are specialized products that, without contraindications, can be used in many places exposed to emergency or production-related oil spills.

Oil-resistant rubber plates versus ordinary plates – what’s the difference?

The main difference between an oil-resistant rubber plate and a regular plate is the material of manufacture. For common applications, a material called SBR is used. It is a styrene-butadiene rubber belonging to the group of elastomers. Despite its resistance to inorganic acids and bases, it is not resistant to petroleum substances. In order to fill this uncomfortable gap in the rubber materials market, a material called NBRwas created. It is a type of organic chemical compound (acrylonitrile butadiene rubber) which is a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. NBR is a material resistant to contact with oil and a number of petroleum substances. In production, the material foroil-resistant rubber plates is more expensive than the material for traditional rubber plates.

Oil-resistant rubber sheets – applications

This product can be used in many industries. The high-quality material from which it was made allows for trouble-free use as:

  • sleepers used on workbenches,
  • underlays for machines where there is a risk of oil leakage,
  • primers for general purpose devices,
  • carpets in gyms (e.g. gyms)
  • boards for rehabilitation tables,
  • in all other places where the rubber plate may come into contact with a wide range of petroleum substances.

NBR rubber

What do oil-resistant rubber sheets provide?

If we are wondering whether our floor should be covered with a rubber plate, it is worth paying attention to some very important aspects of such floor protection. A significant facilitation, when we use rubber plates to protect the surface, is their very easy cleaning. NBR rubber sheets allow for quick and trouble-free removal of dirt, which often occurs on work surfaces that need to be covered with a plat Another common method of use is NBR oil-resistant rubber sheets as machine supports. In industrial conditions, with round-the-clock operation, various leaks, including oil leaks, occur. If we decide to use NBR rubber plates under the machine, then we will protect the floor in places where it is exposed to the harmful effects of leaks. It is also worth mentioning one more important place where rubber plates perform fantastically. Workbenches are such a place. By choosing a board of small thickness, which we will attach to the surface of the workbench, we will ensure safe getting rid of leaks, which are an inseparable element of various repairs performed on such tables.

Properties ofNBR rubber sheets

Platesmade of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber known as NBR exhibit a number of desirable properties. The main difference between the two mentioned types of rubberis the resistance of NBR gums to:

  • petroleum substances (lubricants, fuels),
  • fats, both vegetable and animal,
  • crude oil,
  • oils and gasoline,
  • sunlight.

rubber sheet nbr

Here you can buyan oil-resistant NBR board

Which rubber plate to choose?

The choice of a specific rubber plate should be dictated primarily by the assumed method and place of use, It is also worth paying attention to the aesthetic value. The most commonly used color in the production of panels is black, but there are also panels in various colors available on the market. The basic parameter when choosing a rubber panel is its thickness. In places less exposed to high loads and accidental cuts, a board with a small thickness will be fully sufficient. It will ensure that the leak does not penetrate beyond its area, so it will do its job perfectly. On the other hand, in applications where we expect the use of rubber plates in conditions of increased use, it is worth choosing a rubber whose thickness is greater, This will allow the products to be used in conjunction with heavy objects. An additional security will be the purchase of plates that are resistant to oil with fabric spacers. There are boards without spacers, as well as with one and two layers of fabric. Plates with spacers are characterized by increased mechanical resistance. Such a product is more difficult to cut, therefore it is a good choice for a table surface in a workshop.

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