Rubber granulated floor

Rubber granulated floor

Rubber mats, as well as carpets, wipers are widely used in industry, but they will also work perfectly in the home space. The floor covered with such a rubber surface is additionally protected from damage. The rubber mat effectively protects the substrate from dirt, abrasion or abrasion, and at the same time is very easy to keep clean. It also has non-slip properties. All this makes rubber matspart of a group of products often found in large industrial plants. They are highly appreciated mainly for significantly improving the overall comfort of working in a workshop or warehouse.

Rubber mat – application

Wide application in industry, as well as in the arrangement and protection of surfaces in public interiors are found carpets, wipers and rubber mats. Properly adapted to its purpose, the product ensures the safety of users of communication lines, as well as persons working with electrical and electromagnetic machinery or equipment, thanks to the physical characteristics of rubber. Granular surfaces, such as EPDM rubber, are used in a variety of spaces. These include, but are not limited to, sporty non-slip treadmills, which are much safer when used intensively and on the move. Such materials are also used as a filling of synthetic grass, as well as for other sports facilities. The appropriate price of such mats and granules allows you to use them as a surface for tennis courts, but also for other courts – basketball or volleyball, both for professional use, but also institutional. Such substrates are often bought, for example, by schools, swimming pools or housing cooperatives for playgrounds. In addition, such products are found in industrial plants and wholesalers as a durable, deformable surface that can be used even with heavy machinery.

Rubber mat made of granules in a roll

Specific product characteristics

The rubber mat can be easily adapted to the needs of any customer. It gives a wide range of possibilities in the arrangement and adjustment to the dimensions of each interior. The material from which such a substrate is made is rubber, which is characterized by many valuable physical properties. The rubber mat is especially useful when used in intensively frequented communication lines due to its low abrasion properties. This makes it a durable floor protection. Granulated rubber, from which various types of surfaces are made, thanks to its porous structure and rubber characteristics, also has a non-slip effect. Thanks to this, it is recommended as a surface especially for industrial centers. Its installation is easy and very fast, and significantly increases the level of safety when working with people with electrical and electromagnetic devices. Important properties of products made of granular rubber include anti-slip, low abrasion and high resistance to mechanical damage. This is also due to the rubber material itself, but also to the porous structure of the mat. The high quality of these rubber surfaces offered in the shop on our website guarantees high strength and aesthetic finish of the product. Thanks to this, you can be sure that such a rubber mat will work in all conditions, because it is a very versatile product that will bring satisfaction for many years to come. Products made of rubber granules are characterized by a wide color rank, high elasticity and wear resistance. Experts agree that most of the rubber products also retain their valuable parameters even when in contact with acids and alkalines, so that they can be safely used without fear of damage. The granulate floor is also UV-resistant and can wither even heavy loads, such as complex industrial machines. Thanks to the possibility of any adjustment of the size of a given mat, the customer can perfectly choose the shape of the mat ordered to their needs and capabilities.

The main advantages of using a rubber mat

Rubber granulated floors are a widely used product, and customers especially value them for their high quality of workmanship and long service life. Frequently mentioned strengths include abrasion resistance even in heavy use. The specific structure of the granules, together with the combination with the properties and strength of the rubber material, makes the produced surfaces really enough for many years in even very demanding conditions. Low abrasion and adequate flexibility allow you to cushion parts of vibrations at the same time. In this way, they absorb noise, which, especially in large heavy industry plants and working with dynamic machines, can be very disruptive, even harmful to human health and well-being. In this way, the placed rubber mat can contribute to a significant increase in the comfort of daily work and a better focus on a specific task. This, in turn, can easily translate into employee efficiency and accuracy. Another argument in favour of buying a rubber product is its price. The low production costs make the rubber mat very widely available and used even in large-scale rooms such as warehouses, production halls and wholesale shops. The installation price is also very low, and often it does not require hiring a special professional team dealing with interior finishing, because the rubber mat is very easy to apply to the original floor. More and more often, even adhesive mats are already encountered, which further increases the comfort and convenience of installation, and the whole process proceeds quickly and effectively. According to commonly available information, the rubber mat is very easy to keep clean, usually even with ordinary water with detergent. In combination with its non-slip properties, it is great for spaces that are highly exposed to dirt. The high quality of the product makes it a material worth trying also in your workplace or at home.

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