Rubber products Warsaw

Rubber products Warsaw

Rubber products Warsaw

Rubber products are articles made of rubber compounds. This type of assortment surrounds us in many places, as various items and components of these items. We will find rubber articles in the form of: gaskets, o-rings, cords, vibration reducing elements and adhesives, i.e. rubber adhesives.

Where can we find specialists in rubber products in Warsaw, especially a rubber goods store in and around Warsaw?

Rubber products to order


What to do when looking for rubber products in Warsaw?

Type in Google POWER Rubber in the search engine. In our store you will find both:

Rubber orings

colored rubber o-rings

O-rings in many sizes, available in many rubber compounds, such as:

  • NBR – black o-rings
  • EPDM – green and black o-rings
  • FKM / FPM / Viton® – O-rings in the colors: brown, black, green
  • Silicone – sealing rings in the following colors: red, brick-red, white and black

Rubber O-ring seals

Rubber cords

rubber cords

Rubber cords are available as:

  • solid rubber cords
  • porous cords
  • sponge cords
  • rectangular cords
  • square cords

seals rubber cords

Adhesives for rubber

adhesive for bearings strong 50g

We offer adhesives for rubber, dedicated to the following connections:

  • rubber
  • plastic
  • metal
  • adhesives for bearings
  • anaerobic adhesives
  • thread adhesives
  • two-component adhesives

Adhesive B 406 is also available in our offer.

professional rubber adhesive

Anti Vibration Mounts

Warsaw AV mounts Rubber Shock absorbers

We offer vibration isolators, i.e. metal-rubber ones. We have over 10,000 equal vibration damping components on site.

We offer vibro-isolators

  • type A
  • type B
  • type C
  • type D
  • type E

Rubber vibration dampers

Consulting services for technical seals

We also help our clients by advising professional solutions. Among other things, it is:

  • selection of rubber O-rings
  • selection of vibro-isolators
  • selection of rubber floors and industrial floors
  • selection of appropriate rubber materials and technical adhesives

What is the phone number to ask questions for rubber products?

If you need advice, advice on a wide range of rubber products, the right phone number is:

+48 505 16 03 03

Where is the Store with rubber products in Warsaw? POWER Rubber

One of our branches is located at the Pruszków exit: A2 motorway with the S8 route to WarsawRubber Products Store is open from 7.00 to 19.00 Monday – Friday. We also use flexible working hours on Saturdays, so please contact us by phone to arrange a convenient time.

For us, a satisfied customer is the best customer.

Sprawdź dojazd do Sklepu z wyrobami gumowymi


Check access from: ul. Puławska in Warsaw


As you can see, our location in Pruszków, close to the cities of Piastów, Ożarów Mazowiecki, or Błonie allows easy access from Puławska Street at the time shown above.

Online store with rubber products

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