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Manufacturer rubber profiles

The products offered by the manufacturers are made of elastomer blends. It is a standard material for the production of this type of elements. Manufacturers most often offer rubber profiles:

– made of SBR rubber (general purpose);

– made of NBR rubber (resistant to oils);

-made of EPDM rubber (acid-resistant).

Less popular rubber products are neoprene (CR), viton (FPM) and other compounds that are available on request. Due to the individual nature of the products, the producer usually gives a higher price.

Rubber profiles – characteristics

The rubber profiles are offered by manufacturers in the form of simple cords with round, square or rectangular cross-sections. Often the manufacturer gives the possibility to produce products with more complex shapes. They have a variety of applications, most often as gaskets, which is why choosing the right shape is crucial. The rubber profiles are made in armed and ordinary versions, they also have different hardness. This is a very important parameter that every manufacturer of rubber products pays attention to. The rubber profile must be sufficiently flexible, which is related to its hardness. They are often used not only as gaskets, but also as sleepers. During their use, the material is subjected to pressure or tension. There are models of rubber profiles where solid and porous rubber are combined. Micro-rubber is a sealing element, and solid rubber is a reinforcement. Manufacturers also offer profiles made entirely of micro-rubber. These are very flexible and are usually used as seals. Due to technical requirements, the elements must have unusual shapes. Rubber products are joined using silicone adhesives or vulcanization.

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Rubber products

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