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There are many materials they are made of rubber profiles. They are always derivatives of rubber. The most common ones are ordinary SBR-general purpose rubbers, rubbers with increased resistance to NBR-oils with oil-resistant properties and rubber profiles made of rubber characterized by increased resistance to acids and weather conditions, i.e. EPDM. The less popular ones are neoprene (CR), viton (FPM) or fluoro rubber (FKM). Rubber profiles can be made of silicone as well as polyurethane. It depends on the client’s needs. It is important to choose the store so that, in addition to the standard dimensions, it has the opportunity to individually order gaskets. In technical terms, this makes things easier, as rubber products should adhere perfectly to the places where they are used. Before buying, it is recommended to inquire about the manufacturer and the products offered.

Properties of materials used in the production of rubber profiles

When choosing rubber seals, there are many materials to choose from. They have different properties and resistance to atmospheric and chemical factors. Each of the materials from which it is made has been approximated below rubber products.

  1. NBR- acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber- is resistant to almost all organic solvents, as well as oils, greases and fuels. It is characterized by high flexibility, so such seals are used almost everywhere. They are used where they may come into contact with paraffinic products, petroleum derivatives and mineral fats.
  2. SBR-styrene-butadiene rubber- has a high resistance to mechanical damage, does not crack, is resistant to heat aging. Seals, washers or smaller rubber details are often cut out of it.
  3. EPDM-ethylene-propylene rubber-characterized by high chemical resistance, it is not affected by UV rays, high temperatures, oxygen and ozone. The temperature range in which it can be used is -50 degrees Celsius. up to +130 degrees Celsius. There are special varieties that can withstand + 150 degrees Celsius.
  4. CR – chloroprene rubber – is resistant to environmental and weather conditions. It is characterized by high hardness. It is resistant to cracking under the influence of frequent bending. Products made of these materials are less common than those previously mentioned.
  5. FKM-fluorine rubber- has excellent chemical resistance against fuels, alcohols, acids, oils, solvents and other aggressive substances. It does not lose its shape and does not deform. It can work in temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius. up to +250 degrees Celsius. Products made of it are one of the most durable.
  6. MVQ-silicone – gaskets made of it can be used in the temperature range -60 ° C. up to +200 degrees Celsius. It does not age and is not affected by solar radiation. It is flame retardant.

Properties of rubber products

The rubber profile consists of various combinations of materials. There are features that rubbers have in common, no matter what material they are made of. These products are characterized by:

-high mechanical strength;

-resistance to unfavorable weather and environmental conditions;

– gaskets are made of them, they have sealing properties;

– they have a wide range of hardness, the rubber profile may have a hardness different from the other, although it is made of the same material;

– they have a wide range of hardness, the rubber profile may have a hardness different from the other, although it is made of the same material;

– highly resistant to compression and stretching;

-may come into contact with food, after obtaining the certificate.

There are many different materials that are resistant to oils (NBR) and strong acids and bases (EPDM). Depending on the requirements, they are manufactured to order. In the case of rubber profiles, the customer himself assesses what he expects from the material. They are resistant to given media that occur in industry and production.

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Sales and delivery of rubber and silicone products

The rubber profile can be purchased in places that deal with this type of sale. Delivery is very fast for standard orders. It only takes a few days. In the case of individual product requirements, the duration of the order for a rubber profile takes longer. It all depends on what the seller’s website says. There are many places where the delivery is express, unfortunately you have to wait elsewhere.

We sell rubber products and silicone. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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