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Rubber profiles

Rubber profiles are extremely versatile gaskets that are often used at home and in various industries. They come in many different sections and are made of different materials, which means that each model has different properties. Currently, each manufacturer of gaskets offers a countless number of rubber sealing products, so that every, even the most demanding customer, will be able to choose something suitable for himself.

Types of rubber profiles

There are several ways to divide these elements, and each manufacturer of rubber gaskets may use a different method. Probably the most popular, in terms of functionality, is the division into: bumpers, rubber bumpers, cords, rubber bands, door and window seals and edge seals. The rubber profiles are made in the form of straight, long cords with a circular cross-section. There are also versions with a square or rectangular cross section. Often, manufacturers also provide extended sales services and offer custom-made other, non-standard gaskets that perfectly match the requirements and the sealed space. Such profiles are then irreplaceable due to the optimal sealing parameters, and above all, a well-chosen size. However, it requires much earlier arrangement, preferably by phone or by e-mail.

Rubber seals – characteristics of rubber materials

The second way of dividing the rubber profiles is based on the rubber mixture they are made of. Most of the sealing products are made of EPDM (depending on porous or solid), PVC or silicone. However, there are countless rubber materials and compounds that produce gaskets that are increasingly resistant to these factors. Thanks to this, these small elements can be used both at home, in the pharmaceutical and food industries, but also in the oil, automotive and many other industries. The most popular materials due to their versatility and durability are:

  • SBR – general purpose rubber profiles,
  • NBR – an ideal material for rubber profiles with increased resistance to oils, it is one of the most common materials for gaskets, which is also characterized by a lower, attractive price,
  • EPDM – used when rubber profiles must be resistant to acids and weather conditions,
  • CR – known neoprene
  • FPM (Viton)

rubber profile

Rubber profiles – application

Various rubber products and products in many forms of profiles are universally applicable. You can actually encounter the use of these elements on a daily basis. They are often used to seal garage doors, windows and doors at home. Rubber profiles are also a great help for industry and business. They are used for sealing large, massive steel structures or production machines. They are widely used in the food industry for food processing. In this case, you should obtain a type of rubber mixture that has the appropriate certificates that allow the product to be used in contact with food. With all reputable manufacturers, such a document is a standard.

What to pay attention to when choosing profiles?

Producers and specialist stores can boast a wide range of this type of products. Their advantage is that they can be made in a reinforced version and in various hardnesses. This directly translates into the hardness of the seal, which affects the potential place of application of the profiles. It is very important to check the load the gasket will face in order to select the material correctly. It must be adequately resistant to pressure and, of course, other conditions prevailing in a given place. It is also worth paying attention to whether the seal is made of solid, porous rubber or a compound. This significantly affects the tightness of the profile and other properties that depend on each insulation. The undeniable advantage of the profiles is that they are made in various lengths and often an unusual cross-section. They can be joined with each other using specialized adhesives or vulcanization. This makes it possible to obtain unique connections that perfectly meet the requirements of a given space.

Profiles – used and properties

High-quality rubber profiles may also be available in a self-adhesive version. They are then most often used for racks, windows, doors and garage doors. Thanks to the use of proven raw materials, the customer can be sure that the rubber profile will meet all his expectations. They are characterized by many positive features. Rubber profiles usually have increased mechanical strength and are resistant to adverse weather conditions and environmental conditions. Rubber profiles do not undergo aging effects, thanks to which they are very durable and they rarely need to be replaced. They are very little susceptible to stretching and compression, which also ensures the strength of the seal. They can be freely combined with each other and, with appropriate certification, can be used in contact with food. Depending on the material used, rubber profiles are also oil-resistant and low susceptibility to the harmful and destructive effects of strong acids and bases.

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