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Rubber tiles for the terrace

Rubber tiles for the terrace are the perfect solution for people who care about the safety of children playing on the terrace. If they also want to ensure durability and resistance to damage and deformation, resistance to changing weather conditions, as well as appreciating simple installation and easy maintenance of the surface, they are the perfect choice. If you are one of these people – this product is definitely interesting!

What are rubber tiles for terraces and balconies made of?

The rubber sheets are made of SBRand EPDM granules and a mixture of these two rubber mixtures. It consists of a combination of recycled granules with polyurethane adhesives. Our mats are safe surfaces. What does it mean? This means that they are certified by HIC (Head Injury Criterion – Safe Fall).


Rubber sheets made of a mixture of SBR and EPDM– characteristic features:


Non-slip properties


The top layer is covered with a slightly porous structure, so there is no risk of falling due to slipping on rubber plates.


Resistance to mechanical damage and deformation


The high quality of the polyurethane binder used for the rubber plates makes
they do not deform. They are durable and resistant to the pressure of garden furniture or flower pots. They are characterized by high resistance to abrasion and tearing.


Thermal insulation and noise absorbing properties


Rubber sheets isolate from heat and cold. Thanks to the pleasant-to-touch surface, you can walk on them with bare feet without any worries. They reduce the noise of objects falling on them,
which is extremely important for children playing on the terrace.


Water permeability when used outside the building


The porous outer surface allows the SBR and EPDM rubber sheets to let water through to the inside. A special system of channels is built in the bottom, which is responsible for the drainage of water. The use of a drainage system makes the tiles dry quickly, and the surface on which they are placed does not accumulate excess water.

Rubber mats on the terrace, t


High resistance to weather conditions and UV


SBR and EPDM granulated rubber sheets are resistant to temperatures ranging from 30 degrees C up to 70 degrees C. These properties allow you to use the terrace or balcony all year round, regardless of the weather. They are not damaged by wind, frost, snow, hail or rainfall. Thanks to the frost resistance, it is not necessary to remove the rubber plates when the temperature drops.


Amortization of vibrations and falls


HIC certified rubber sheets – safe fall are flexible and minimize the risk of injuries caused by falls. They perfectly absorb the impact force, protecting against abrasions and injuries. The thickness of the rubber plate for the terrace should be selected adequately to the method of use. They are an ideal solution for families, ensuring safe and friendly fun for the youngest users, i.e. children.


Simple installation of the tiles on the terrace


You can install the rubber tiles for the terrace yourself by following the installation instructions or using the help of a professional. Installation is simple and hassle-free.


Low maintenance costs generate long-term savings


The material from which the terrace rubber tiles are made is extremely easy to clean. Water and a mild cleaning detergent are enough for the care of the plates. SBR rubber sheets retain their original color even despite frequent washing. Color is much more durable when using an EPDM layer. This mixture has greater resistance to UV radiation.


Technical data of the plates:

Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm

Thickness: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm

Colors: any according to the RAL palette. Dedicated production allows for the purchase of all-season flooring directly from the manufacturer.

Maty Na Place Zabaw Zielona

Here you can buy rubber tiles for the terrace – the price is surprising!

How to count the number of needed rubber tiles for a balcony or other surface?

If you need to calculate how many rubber tiles are needed, remember this rule: To install 1 m2, you need 4 pieces of rubber tiles.


What does it mean?


If you need to buy tiles for a 10 square meter terrace, multiply this amount by 4. You will get the number of mats you need. In this case, for 10 m2, multiplying by 4, we get 40 pcs.

Jeżeli balkon posiada 12 metrów kwadratowych to:

12 * 4 = 48 pieces of mat.


Remember that such mats weigh appropriately depending on their thickness. Often times, the delivery can be delivered on a pallet or in several packages. We invite you to take advantage of the offer for rubber tiles for balconies and terraces.

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