Wear-resistant rubber sheets

Wear-resistant rubber sheets

Wear-resistant rubber plates are a product that every workshop should be equipped with. High-quality rubber made of caoutchouc protects the surface, improves work comfort and facilitates cleaning of the workplace. Rubber as a durable and universal material is used in many places and can be used for various purposes. Rubber mats for tables or machines are a product that ensures the safety and comfort of employees. The rubber used in the production of wear-resistant boards guarantees resistance to damage, so the surface of the countertops remains intact. The manufacturer offers 1 2 plates of various types in its menu, tailored to the diverse needs of customers.

Properties of wear-resistant rubber plates

The properties of rubber plates allow them to be widely used in workshop or production works. The producer of Gumalit-Haas sklep-guma.pl provides rubber plates of the highest quality. They have shock-absorbing properties, so they neutralize vibrations caused by working devices, and also have anti-slip properties, which prevents tools from sliding off the table. This increases the safety of people in the workshop. The rubber sheets are available in various sizes and thicknesses. The available thicknesses are in the range of 2-60 mm. In terms of the Shore hardness scale, you can choose plates with 40 or 60 ShA parameters. These products are characterized by high hardness and resistance to damage, thanks to which they effectively protect surfaces against damage. High durability means a long service life, so rubber sheets will last for years. At the same time, the rubber plates are flexible, so they do not deform permanently under the influence of weight. Manufacturers offer three types of plates: SBR for general use, NBR – oil-resistant and EPDM resistant to weather conditions. Each of these types protects against certain factors. Before choosing the boards, it is important to consider where they will be used and to what substances they will be exposed. SBR boards are the most frequently chosen ones, but they will not work everywhere. Oils, high temperature or outdoor conditions are particularly damaging factors, so it is worth choosing other, even more durable boards.

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Wear-resistant rubber sheets – application

Wear-resistant rubber plates will be used on work tables and as a cover for cabinets in workshops, production halls, services, factories and in all places where tools and devices that can damage table tops are used. Due to their high hardness, they protect surfaces against mechanical damage. They prevent tools from sliding off the table, which increases the comfort of work. Rubber sheets are also easy to clean, so maintaining a clean, aesthetic workplace is not a problem. The type of plate should be adapted to the working conditions. If the rubber will come into contact with grease, oil, petroleum substances, choose an oil-resistant NBR plate. The rubber sheets that can be used outdoors are EPDM panels, which have increased resistance to the damaging effects of rain, frost or sunlight. SBR wear-resistant plates are generally applicable, therefore they are the most popular. In addition, rubber plates are highly resistant to loads, so they can be placed under heavy machinery, which is thus protected against damage. At the same time, the substrate is protected against scratching caused by devices moving from vibrations. The mats can be mounted on walls or floors – on the entire surface or only on a fragment particularly exposed to damage. The boards are easy to install, they can be glued or nailed to the surface.

Where to buy rubber sheets?

The assortment of wear-resistant rubber plates is available in stationary stores with industrial articles. In addition, these products can be purchased in online stores that offer many variants of boards, so it is possible to choose a board that suits the needs of each individual customer. The big advantage of online shopping is the ability to order a personalized product that will exactly meet the expectations of the customer. Before you start shopping online, remember that by using the website, you consent to the use of cookies. More information can be found in “our Cookies Policy” or select the option “do not show this message again”. Gumalit-Haas, a website with cookies, uses them to provide services of the highest possible quality.

The price of rubber sheets

The cost of rubber plates is determined individually after establishing the client’s expectations. The price to be paid for wear-resistant rubber sheetsdepends on several factors. The dimensions of the board, its thickness and type are taken into account, as well as whether the board will be cut on request. Many companies selling boards offer a service of cutting to a specific size. Thanks to this, the person ordering the product can receive a plate tailored to his needs, he does not have to choose from ready-made formats. Already finished boards can be sold in sheets or rolled by the meter, which also affects the final price.

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