Rotary motion seals

Rotary motion seals

Rotary seals are a very popular way to prevent leakage while preventing contaminants from entering. You can also meet with an alternative name – axial seals. Rotary seals protect the system from mud or water contamination. The seals are mounted on rotating or oscillating parts of the equipment, thus allowing the lubricating substance to be maintained inside. This is a necessary condition that allows the long-term operation of these equipment and machines. It is a widely used solution in a variety of industries.

Rotary motion seals – types and characteristics

Our high-quality rotary seals exhibit excellent frictional characteristics and exceptional wear resistance. This makes rotary seals an excellent investment for years to come. They are ideal even despite heavy use and heavy mechanical loads in machines with rotating parts. In order to facilitate the selection of suitable rotary motion seals, multiple divisions are used in specialized machines. The basic category includes:

  • sliding motion seals – are commonly used in professional industrial equipment operating under the highest load conditions. Sliding devices are characterized by the presence of two identical metal hardened yaule sliding rings, which are embedded in the mounting socket by means of a ring made of elastomer. The most common is NBR, HNBR, FPM or VMQ with a hardness of 50 to 70 ShA. These rotary seals are ideal for machines when exposed to wear and damage due to penetration of dust, minerals, mud, sand, earth and many other materials. They are characterized by very high resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Sliding rotary seals are most commonly used in professional machinery in construction, automotive, agriculture, as well as mining.
  • Shaft seals – this is another group of rotating motion seals that are mounted on rotating or oscillating components of devices The use of rotary motion seals is intended to maintain inside the lubricating medium, which is necessary to ensure the long and efficient operation of these machines. The same rotary seal systems also prevent unwanted leakage as well as fluids from getting into the middle of the circuit.
Rotary Shaft Seals
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Seal in rotary form

Probably the most popular solution is rings for rotary seals. This is due to their universal application, so that they can be used in many industries. You can also meet with other names such as: simmer rings, radial seal, rotating shaft sealing rings. Due to their specific design, rotary rings are characterized by excellent static tightness and cope with thermal expansion. Made of high-quality materials, they enable long-term operation in almost all industries. These rotary motion seals are used in parts of devices that move not only rotating, but also torsional, such as hubs, shafts, axles and rotary pins.

Seal in rotary form

Various ways to seal movement

PowerRubber offers a wide range of specialized rotary seals that are ideal for a wide range of locations. They will seal the system, and will not release unwanted and problematic spills, nor enter the center of impurities and other undesirable substances. Axial rotary seals from PowerRubber work perfectly in specialized equipment. It is worth trying this solution if you have a problem with it. We also cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our products. We can boast of the highest quality products such as orings, seals in various forms. We use a lot of rubber materials and mixtures, so everyone will find a product with us that meets individual technical requirements. If you have any questions or concerns about rotary seals, feel free to contact us by phone or email. Our experienced advisors will be happy to help you choose the right solution for your needs.

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