Seals for construction machinery

Seals for construction machinery

Construction vehicles are often operated under extremely difficult conditions. The set of construction machinery seals is in constant contact with contaminants (sand, dust, dirt). The pin or gearbox seals must be efficient and durable, and resistant to moisture, dirt and fuel. Machine seals are responsible for durability and failure-free operation.

Pin sealing

Pins play a key role in the functioning of construction machinery. They are most often made of steel, brass or aluminum. They are responsible for the work of the machine in the full range of movements (they have the shape of a cylinder). They are one of the many structural elements of excavators, mini-excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, graders (eg JCB Komatsu Volvo). Correct pin sealing enables accurate and trouble-free performance of work such as digging, loading, and carrying. A set of pin seals made of high-quality components (for the JCB Komatsu Volvo brand) is a guarantee of reliable operation of the construction machine. The pin seals extend the service life of the machine, making it possible to maintain operational continuity. Rings intended for sealing rotary motion in construction machines are responsible for failure-free operation. Moreover, the individual elements of the machine are protected against unfavorable factors such as contamination. In power hydraulics, sealing rings are divided into several types, depending on the method of application.

oilings for construction machinery

Which seals for construction machinery?

The set of seals for construction machines prevents leakage of liquids and the ingress of dust, sand and water inside.

Do air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, pump system also need sealing like other structural parts of construction machinery? The answer is yes! Air, oil or fuel filters also require a set of high-quality seals to prevent possible leaks. The oil or fuel filler plugs are also fitted with a set of seals. It protects the listed vehicle components from contamination. The seal kit can be purchased from many construction equipment manufacturers, including JCB Komatsu Volvo. What’s more, the sealing rings on the filler cap, air filters and water pumps not only prevent leaks, but also prevent dirt (or other contaminants) and moisture from getting inside them. There are also fuel filler caps with keys on the market.

Gearbox seals

The gearbox is part of the driveline. Gearbox seals prevent oil from leaking out of the gearbox. Oil leakage from the gearbox is a significant element affecting the service life of the drive system. It can damage the gearbox. It is therefore important that the gearbox seals on construction machinery are fitted correctly. You can also purchase a box seal or a pump for agricultural machinery, e.g. for Case, New Holland.

Seals for construction machinery in POWER Rubber

At POWER Rubber, we have sealing rings for construction machinery made of high-quality components. Check which brands you can purchase such seals for.

Here are the brands you can purchase sealants for:

  • CAT
  • Komatsu
  • Case
  • New Holland
  • Volvo
  • JCB

and many others.

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