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Silicone cords – properties and application

Silicone cords are a popular material in the wine, food, dyeing and construction industries. Alternatively, you can also meet the name VMQ or MVQ. Silicone as a material is characterized by a very high temperature resistance from -50 degrees Celsius. up to +230 degrees. It is used for the production of various products, and the rope made of it can retain its flexibility even under the influence of intense factors. Modern silicone cords are made of high-quality plastic, consisting of a rubber mixture. Customers appreciate this product for its excellent mechanical and electrical properties compared to corresponding plastics and solutions. Before making a purchase, it is worth knowing more precisely what properties the silicone mass products have.

Characteristics of a silicone cord

Silicone rubber, which is used to make, inter alia, durable cords, belongs to the group of compounds of multi-molecular rubbers. They are long chain polymers with silicon and oxygen atoms in their chemical structure. The characteristic structure of the manufactured silicone products ensures their high durability, and thus also their use in harsh environmental conditions. Currently, there are various sizes and shapes of silicone ropes on the market, so it is worth spending more time to find the perfect version, tailored to your own requirements and needs. Always before purchasing specialized products, such as silicone cord, it is recommended that you contact an experienced industry professional who will advise you on choosing the right model or other materials. Such a person will help you choose the optimal technical parameters, i.e. hardness, flexibility and even color, so that the element fits well. By purchasing supplies from a reputable online store, you can be sure of the quality of production. The silicone cord is a unique product that has a wide range of applications and will work wherever there is a need to withstand extreme temperatures. Some manufacturers are already developing newer recipes and offer silicone cords with increased thermal resistance that can withstand up to +300 degrees Celsius without melting. This already gives the possibility of a very wide range of work. You can find both colored silicone cord and transparent versions on the market.

Silicone cord for car seals

Silicone cord – where is it used?

Silicone ropes are resistant not only to high temperatures, but also to condensed oxygen, ozone and UV rays. Interestingly, all silicone products are also good insulators, which makes them safe to use. They are readily used in the food and catering industry. This is due to the fact that silicone does not react with alcohol, which allows for the optimal production of various drinks. What’s more, such silicone ropes do not affect food or drinking water, so they are also completely safe for use in restaurants and other premises where they come into contact with food.

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Silicon cords – the priceis surprising!

Cords and silicone profiles of different ShA hardness available in POWER Rubber

For obvious reasons of durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions, silicone ropes are also used in transport, aviation, construction industry, but also in heating and air-conditioning installations. In principle, silicone cord can be found wherever a material with a wide temperature tolerance is needed, because due to the material they are made of, they will not change the mechanical properties. Here, with the right choice, comes the appropriate hardness in the Shore A scale (ShA). Standard hardness is 65-70 ShA.

Other industries also include medicine and pharmacy. Such silicone cords are extremely durable, and on the other hand,they allow to maintain sterile conditions of chemical cleanliness, which has a positive effect on hygiene and safety during contact. All these combined properties mean that professionals define silicone products as physiologically indifferent, which is a great advantage among similar synthetic materials. Such a special cord can therefore be found wherever resistant and durable materials that meet very high requirements are needed. The silicone cord can be easily found in the offer in the POWER Rubber store because it has many advantages and is perfect for a variety of industries. For this reason, it is worth investing in rubber products from a proven manufacturer of rubber products.

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