Uszczelki silikonowe do okien i drzwi

Silicone gaskets for windows and doors

The problem of insufficient interior insulation in houses, apartments or public utility premises is unfortunately known to many people and entrepreneurs. Although it has a different basis, it invariably results in an increased level of noise coming from the street, room ventilation and cold. This is also followed by further consequences, which are related, for example, to higher costs for heating in the thermal period. Silicone seals used for doors and windows can significantly solve these issues. Their biggest advantage is the relatively low price and easy installation compared to their effectiveness. In this article, we will explain the concept of a thermal bridge, explain the reasons why apartments are leaky and how to finally solve them. We will also advise you on choosing the optimal seal for windows or doors and suggest what to look for before making a purchase in the store.

What is a thermal bridge?

In the industry language, you can often hear the term thermal bridge, which is mentioned as the main cause of heat loss from a house or apartment. According to publicly available information, these are individual places in the structure of a specific building, where the flow of warm air is higher than in other parts. As a result, with a significant temperature difference between the inside and outside, the most heat from the building will escape through the thermal bridge. Such places are most often created near windows, entrance doors, but also balconies or terraces, in the garage and at the roof. There are many reasons for the formation of bridges – they may result from a difference in the thickness of the given materials or a different thermal conductivity coefficient of the materials. It often happens that the door to the house is not as thick as the load-bearing walls or that brick and glass are combined for aesthetic purposes, while these materials have a different ability to transfer heat. Another, probably the most popular reason for the formation of thermal bridges is inaccurate insulation of places where various materials, e.g. windows, meet a wall or a casing. The problem of insufficient sealing can be found in both old and new buildings. Products such as silicone seals for windows will quickly solve this inconvenience.

The silicone gasket and humidity and noise in the city

Many people remember to replace elements such as the window seal, forgetting about the one for the door. In this way, it is also possible to lose large amounts of heat, especially in the absence of a closing vestibule. Due to the creation of such a thermal bridge, heating can cost us a lot and, above all, reduces the comfort of living. This is especially important for a house with windows overlooking a quiet courtyard and the front entrance from a busy street. Trumpeting cars, signaling ambulances, railroad tracks or even the sounds of a nearby airport – there are many sources of noise in the city. Then, without a tight seal, the whole noise, as well as the pollution associated with it and the often unpleasant smell of air, will pass inside. Moisture can pass through doors and leaky windows without seals, which can further cause mold or fungus to appear, which is more difficult to remove permanently. Even though insufficient insulation can be a serious problem, fortunately it is just as easy to remedy. Living in the center of a large city, you have to be prepared for the increased noise level, although it can be muffled so that it is not a major problem. In this case, an effective, high-quality silicone window seal may prove to be the best solution. Prolonged noise, vibrations and vibrations sneaking into the house definitely have a negative impact on health and general well-being. Lack of seals can lead to sleep problems, as well as irritability, loss of productivity and distraction. This causes headaches and even shortness of breath and chronic stress. The old gasket replaced with a new one may paradoxically allow to reconcile two seemingly conflicting needs of living in the center, and at the same time to enjoy peace at home. Shops and websites offer a lot of helpful products and at the same time you can find a lot of valuable information there.

What products prevent heat from escaping from the house?

A gasket will not solve every problem. If we feel that it is “blowing from the sill” then it is highly likely that the problem is at the point where the window meets the frame. In this case, it is good to look for other products and it is better to seal the contact line with a regular window strip or professional polyurethane foam or silicone. These are products commonly available in popular DIY stores. If, however, cold seeps from the side edges of the window, then it is probably a matter of seals. Unfortunately, cheap windows often have only two layers of glass, which favors the formation of a thermal bridge. In addition, as a rule, low-quality gaskets are usually used there. It also happens that a person is not fully trained and will install them incorrectly, because it will have a negative effect on the insulation at home. While the thickness or number of glass layers is usually beyond our control when we move into a finished flat, any window or door seals can be replaced by anyone. A properly installed high-quality silicone gasket can significantly reduce heating costs.


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Silicone seals – what else should you know about window and door products?

The choice of a gasket depends on a specific case, for example on the shape of the windows and the thickness of the gap. For this reason, it is always best to consult an experienced professional and decide together which model is best to choose. A seal for a heavy front door should be particularly resistant to distortions as it will also act as a shock absorber. On the other hand, products such as a window seal will have to be durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions when exposed to strong sun, frost and snow. It should also be remembered that only accurate and tight fitting of the gasket will give the desired results. Having no experience in this matter, it is better to ask for help from a specialist in this industry who will do it quickly and effectively. The ingress of moisture or cold air from the manor does not have to be related solely to the construction method. The key issue here is a properly selected and installed window seal. For this reason, you should regularly check the tightness of windows and, if necessary, replace the insulation. These checks are best done in the summer as the problem can become too painful in winter. A gasket is a small element that has many uses. It is worth looking for information on gaskets and their various applications, as they may solve your problems.

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