Silicone seals

Silicone seals

Silicone rubber is often used to produce professional, high-quality gaskets resistant to moisture and other weather ingress. Such silicone seals are used in many industries, including medicine, transport, hydraulics and the food industry. It is an excellent solution for people who are looking for a good and tight seal. The silicone seal comes in many shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose the right model for your device.

Silicone – characteristics of plastic gaskets

Silicone is a complex group of chemical compounds belonging to elastomers. It is a material with highly valued physical properties. For this reason, they are used for the production of various forms, which are then characterized by immolability, thermal resistance and UV radiation. In addition – like most elastomers – silicone can be easily deformed and bent, but without breaking the structure of this material. It is flexible enough to change shape under the influence of mechanical forces, and immediately after that return to its original version. Silicone products have significantly higher chemical and thermal resistance than most siloxanes, which is a close group of polymers. Silicone seals thus have a number of highly appreciated properties that are not available in other rubber accessories used in construction or other industries. Often confused plastic is rubber. It is formed by vulcanizing rubber of different origins. However, it is characterized by less resistance to extreme temperatures. Silicone seals are much better able to tolerate contact with acids and alkaline. They are generally more durable, but less flexible for dynamic loads than rubber. Silicone seals do not pass gas, water or other liquids when properly installed. Customers appreciate them for their long service life, even in heavy use.

Properties of the silicone seal

The material from which silicone seals are made is also known for its high resistance to even extreme temperatures. Tolerance oscillates between temperatures -60 st. Celsius and as much as +250 degrees. Degrees. Even in such a wide range, silicone seals retain all their physical properties. The popularity of these silicone elements is also due to the fact that they do not deform or destroy. This makes it possible to successfully use such a seal under very different conditions, which makes it an extremely versatile insulating element. Silicone seals are highly resistant to various weather conditions such as sun, frost or rain. It is readily used in industry, where the temperatures of heated machines reach very high values. Other gaskets could be damaged, which would negatively affect the condition of the equipment and the quality of production. It is also worth noting that silicone seals are also resistant to the use of most chemicals. It is only necessary to be especially careful, because the reactivity of silicone with concentrated solutions of strong acids and bases increases with increasing temperature. Silicone seals are most often found in the transparent version. This makes them very aesthetically pleasing to use, and silicone seals often meet even unnoticed.

High temperature silicone o-rings

Silicone seal – advantages of use

Seals are small, very simple elements with insulating properties. They protect liquids or gases from getting out of the system, but also reduce friction between the two components if necessary. They are very popular products made most often from silicone. They are used to seal windows, doors, but also hydraulic installations, transport, pharmaceutical and heavy industry. The silicone seal has many advantages and, above all, customers value it for its resistance to moisture and other weather ingress. This makes it can be used in many different conditions, both inside and outdoors outdoors. It also does not deform under the influence of even high stresses from working machines. This seal can be used in both static and dynamic mode. All the properties of the silicone seal make it a very popular method of insulation. Great for professional and home use for any customer. It is worth mentioning that the seals are very easy to keep clean. The ability to keep them sterile makes them often used in the food industry and medicine, including laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. Silicone orings are a very durable insulating solution. Silicone gaskets do not conduct electricity. These electro-insulating properties make them very safe to use in a variety of conditions, without worrying about possible unwanted conductivity, for example in the aerospace or automotive industries. Many people appreciate silicone orings also for their exceptionally good cushioning.

Manufacturer of rubber seals – the most important information

The offer of professional shops is very rich in this respect. Websites in the menu usually have the ability to choose a seal model, so it is easy to find the best material and size, which will meet the customer’s needs. In addition to the classic silicone orings, the seal manufacturer certainly also has other rubber plastics. It is worth getting acquainted with their characteristics, because despite the versatility of silicone, perhaps other types of material will better respond to the given expectations. The effectiveness of the silicone seal depends mainly on the quality of workmanship. For this reason, it is best to choose only products from recognized and reputable distributors. Although there are many different types of seals, silicone orings are among the most popular. These are relatively small seals with a circular cross-section. They are available in all professional rubber accessories stores. Widely available orings Gdansk can be obtained not only in stationary stores. Almost every website with a building assortment also has them in the tab in its menu. Before buying a gasket, it is best to consult a professional advisor. Each website of the distributor of orings and other rubber components has a namiary and contact in the tab. An experienced dealer will help you choose the best seal in terms of shape and plastic.

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