Rubber plates for veterinary tables

Rubber plates for veterinary tables

Rubber sheet for use on veterinary tables are a product that significantly improves the working comfort of the “animal doctor”. The rubber mat makes it easy to work with non-slip properties and helps to maintain cleanliness. The rubber from which the plates are made is very easy to clean and difficult to destroy, and this is important when working with animals. This type of plate is also resistant to delicate chemicals, so do not be afraid that preparations used in the veterinary office will destroy it.

Properties of rubber board on veterinary table

Plates for veterinary tables are made of high-quality rubber mixtures. It is a type of SBR rubber for general use. Thanks to the properties of the material, the mat is distinguished by high strength and high mechanical resistance. The significant hardness (usually around 65 on the Shore scale) makes it very difficult to damage the plate, e.g. with animal claws. What is important for the veterinarian, the plate on the table is non-slip, which makes it easier to work, as pets or utensils do not slip from it. In addition, these mats are very easy to clean, so it is possible to quickly organize the workplace after each patient.

Rubber plate size

The dimensions and thickness of the mat depend on the manufacturer. The most common rubber sheet are 5 mm thick, and the width and length of finished sheet are, for example, 80 cm and 120 cm, respectively. The rubber sheet are sold in certain sizes, but can be cut at the customer’s request, so they will fit any table. Orders for trimming boards are treated individually, most often the office of a particular store or manufacturer answers questions and dispels doubts.

rubber mat for the veterinary table

Advantages of the use of rubber sheet

The rubber plate, which is equipped with a veterinary table, makes the specialist treating the animals have better working conditions. The mats are resistant to damage, so they protect the tables from damage, e.g. by scratching them with pet claws, or from permanent dirt. Moreover, such a plate is very easy to wash, fork or change, so maintaining hygiene in the office is not a problem.

Where to buy rubber sheet for veterinary tables?

Veterinary table mats can be purchased from stationary industrial and construction goods stores, but it is more convenient to place an order online. We invite every customer in need to equip their veterinary office to see the available products and put in the basket everything needed in the work of the veterinarian. The price of the mat is determined individually and depends on the size, thickness and quantity. Delivery to the customer is carried out as soon as possible. Our office remains open to your questions, we invite you to contact us via e-mail address.

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