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U-type rubber profiles

Rubber profiles have many advantages. It is flexibility, thermal insulation, resistance to solar radiation, chemical and atmospheric factors. All this makes rubber products a great material for the production of gaskets. Most often they are made of solid or cellular rubber. Different types of rubbers can be distinguished, although all of them are based on rubber, there are differences between them. They have a different resistance to chemicals, whether extremely high or low temperatures. Rubber profiles have various shapes, there are flat rubber profiles, with a round cross-section or U-shaped. All of them depend on the needs, order, intended use of the product and the store’s assortment.

Rubber profile – application depending on the type of rubber

It is worth knowing that rubber profiles are not only flat gaskets, they come in various shapes and patterns. There are gaskets with rectangular, square, round and custom-made gaskets. The most common are U, E or T type rubber profiles. Their use defines the shape of the product. Moreover, the type depends on the rubber used in their production. Each material has different properties, so depending on the composition, they can work in different environments. The composition of the profiles defines the resistance to chemicals, acids and bases, aggressive cleaning agents or brake fluid. Another rubber profile will be used in work with oils – NBR rubbers, another in the food industry – VMQ rubber, and yet another is resistant to high temperatures or is characterized by high strength – EPDM rubber. The hardness and density of rubber have a significant influence on the use of the products. Today, co-electric gaskets are available in stores. These are rubber profiles in which degrees of hardness or different colors are combined.

Rubber profiles

Types of gaskets – solid and cellular rubber

The most common rubber profiles are made of solid or cellular rubber. Solid rubber is otherwise known as full rubber, cellular rubber is a porous material. Solid rubber rubber profile is made of any type of rubber. It is characterized by the fact that it has the same structure everywhere. Such products are used for the production of gaskets that slide on different edges. They are not damaged in the case of sharp elements. They are used to create popular U-shaped rubber profiles. They often have a steel stiffener embedded in the rubber. Such a rubber profile can be easily, permanently and reliably installed in a simple way. They are used in leaky structures and in the insulation of doors, windows and hatches. The cellular rubber profile has pores in its structure. Thanks to them, the gasket still retains its properties, additionally becoming a sound insulator. This type of profile is most often used in automotive, agricultural machinery and construction. They are flexible, come in different shapes and sizes. Often this profile is produced by the store to order.

U-shaped rubber profile – where is it used?

They are universal edge guards with or without glue. Most often available for edges from 1 mm to 30 mm. Their assembly is extremely simple. They are slid over selected surfaces, hence their name. Their shape resembles the letter U. Very flexible and durable. Most often made of EPDM rubber. These types of rubber profiles are used in household appliances, which include washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators. They are used as seals in working water systems and automatic washing machines. They are used as necessary protection of water installations with bathroom ceramics. They are mounted at the junction of two different elements. They are also found in industry, construction and automotive. They are used in car brake hydraulics and where resistance to water vapor is needed. Widely used as door and window seal.

U-shaped rubber profile – what is it made of?

For the production of U-shaped rubber seals, EPDM, NBR and SBR rubbers are most often used. You can also find those made of silicone. EPDM gaskets are the most popular. They are widely used for sealing doors and windows. They are definitely the leader among rubber products. EPDM rubber has good chemical resistance, is resistant to UV, high temperatures, as well as oxygen and ozone. Time has little influence on her. It is extremely flexible, so it adheres perfectly to flat surfaces.

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