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Płyty gumowe EPDM

UV resistant rubber sheets

Plastics used in the construction and technical industries are invaluable to facilitate and improve the quality of work. It is one of the breakthrough inventions that definitely influenced everyday functioning. The abbreviation used EPDM rubber comes from the English and means ethylene propylene-diene rubber.

Proper names of ethylene rubber resistant to conditions

Each store uses its own name, but the most popular trade names are:

  • Keltan®
  • Vistalon®
  • Dutral®
  • Nordel®

It is a perfect mixture for creating rubber mats or slabs. EPDM rubber stands out from other synthetic materials in that it is highly resistant to weather conditions.

EPDM rubber and its properties

Its specific properties enable plastic work with rubber material in a wide temperature range, from -40 degrees Celsius. up to +110 degrees. This allows you to come into contact with steam or boiling water without worrying about the rubber parts. Flexibility and reversible deformation while maintaining the continuity of the material offer various technical possibilities. Specialized solutions using modern knowledge of materials allow you to buy EPDM O-rings, which increase the resistance up to +150 degrees. degrees. A rubber plate made of caoutchouc is a suitable solution for many entrepreneurs planning renovation or construction activities. The freely selected thickness makes the rubber surface versatile. Before buying, it is worth getting acquainted with its properties.

Rubber sheets resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions

The synthetic material is resistant to mechanical damage. Compared to other rubber materials,the board is not damaged in contact with strong acids, bases or polar solvents, such as ketones, esters and a whole group of alcohol compounds.It is also a rubber plate resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation.

What does it mean that EPDM panelsare resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation?

This means that the selected EPDM rubber compound can stay outside for a long and constant time, being exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, such as sun rays, rain, snow or hail.

EPDM rubber sheet made of ethylene propylene diene rubber

The use of rubber products

The breadth of application makes it a popular product in a wide variety of industries. On a daily basis, many people encounter these specialized rubber mats in children’s playgrounds. Many cities, such as Warsaw, invest in this type of rubber surfaces due to the high safety of the youngest, due to the HIC certification.

Specialized applications of ethylene-propylene rubber compound

Rubber slab is also a common material for gym floors, especially in heavy lifting areas. Low susceptibility to deformation makes the rubbers perfect there. In the automotive industry, this rubber is used to seal windows and doors, as well as to create shock-absorbing elements as well as inner tubes, tires, bumpers. The rubber finish is not resistant to abrasion, making it very durable and can last for many years of intensive use. It is also a suitable material for rubber mats and slabs. It is used for sealing profiles for plastic joinery, hydraulic hoses, cable covers and roofing.

Where can we find the use of EPDM mix at home?

At home, EPDM rubber parts are used in automatic washing machines. Its technical properties allowit to dampen vibrations and provide overall shock absorption. The boards are also used to waterproof terraces. It is a durable material at an optimal price, which makes it so popular in various construction industries as a rubber surface. Experts note that the thickness of the plate also affects its use. The thinner it is, the more flexible it will be and susceptible to possible damage. On the other hand, the thicker one is less flexible and retains its shape and hardness. The most common are rubber plates from 12 to 40 millimeters. This scope provides the greatest freedom of action to private individuals and industry professionals.

EPDM rubber can be purchased in many dedicated stationary stores, where we can find it in such forms as: rubber sheets and mats in cities such as Warsaw, as well as in appropriate online wholesalers.

Rubber sheet epdm

Here you can buy EPDM panels of various thicknesses

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