Vibration isolators. Description of operation

You enter the password: Vibroizolators Description of operationin the search engine, we hope for a simple answer. You definitely need to go to the roots to understand the operation of vibro-isolators and the main purpose of the application: i.e. damping of mechanical vibrations, i.e. vibrations.

Vibration suppression

Let’s look at the scientific approach:
Vibrations are the result of dynamic forces acting in an impulsive manner through shocks or periodically changing, resulting from unbalance of rotating elements. They accompany the work of almost every machine made of a rotor or stator.

Vibrations not only affect the surroundings of the device’s workplace, but can also affect the structure of the entire building. Their scale may be so large that it will even pose a threat to the structural elements of the building, negatively affect the operation of other devices or harm the health of employees through excessive noise and accompanying vibrations.

In order to eliminate this phenomenon and improve the comfort of work, two methods are used:

  • The first is the foundation on which the device is placed.
    The greater the mass of the foundation, the better the vibration damping. It is an effective solution, but very expensive, and with a possible reorganization of the workplace: completely useless. It requires a new foundation to be made in the new workplace of the machine.
  • The second solution is the use of vibro-isolators offered by POWER Rubber.
    The essence of their operation is primarily to reduce the dynamic forces transmitted to the ground. It is possible thanks to their flexible structure. This is called active insulation. Its essence is to reduce the impact of the vibration source on the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, the complete elimination of these interactions is not possible, but only their partial elimination.

Our offer also includes the production of vibro-isolators in accordance with the dimensions provided by you or from technical drawings. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard, thus ensuring compliance and high quality.

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