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The 2.1 certificate is a type of document in which the manufacturer (producer) declares that the goods conform to the customer’s order without attaching the test results from non-specific inspection. Inspection documents are the highest guarantee of product quality control.


Declaration of Conformity 2.1

Who is authorized to issue the document?


According to the European standard 10204, the documents can be issued by the manufacturer. The client receives all documentation signed by an authorized representative. The 2.1 certificate must be consistent with the delivered products and the customer’s order.

Is issuing the declaration payable?


Contrary to certificate 2.2, it is assumed that the declaration of conformity 2.1 is issued to the customer as the basic quality control document free of charge. However, it is not forbidden for such a fee to be collected by the producer (producer).


Declaration of conformity and material certificate – differences


Based on EN 10204, material certificate 2.2. it is a document issued by the manufacturer (producer), in which he declares that the goods comply with the order placed by the customer and additionally attaches a report with the test results carried out during non-specific control. The declaration of conformity 2.1, on the other hand, contains information on compliance with the customer’s order without attaching documentation containing the test results.

Declaration of Conformity according to EN 10204

The 2.1 certificate according to the European standard guarantees that the products received during delivery comply with the order specifications.


In which language should the document be drawn up?


The above-mentioned European standard does not clearly define the language in which the required documents should be drawn up. However, it is assumed that the declaration of conformity should be issued in a language understood by the recipient.


Can declaration 2.1 be rewritten?


Quality control documents are not prescribed for letterhead, as it is unacceptable according to the European standard. However, it is allowed to copy documents and make changes to the quantity of the ordered goods.

Acceptance certificate – what is it?

The acceptance certificate (certificate 3.1) is a document issued by the manufacturer, which includes information that the goods delivered to the customer are in accordance with his order. All required documents are handed over to the client with the signature of an authorized person. They contain the results of the acceptance control tests (material type, heat number). For issuing the certificate 3.1. a fee is charged. As with the declaration of conformity, this document (including test results) cannot be rewritten on letterhead.

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