What is a 3.1 certificate?

The 3.1 inspection certificateis a document in which the manufacturer (manufacturer) declares that the delivered products ordered by the customer are in accordance with the order. The declaration of compliance contains the test results from the specific inspection. Tests are performed in accordance with official or technical regulations and specified in the product specification.

Acceptance certificate according to EN 10204

According to the European standard 10204, the acceptance certificate confirms that the products delivered to the customer comply with the requirements specified in the order. Appropriate test results (e.g. strength tests) are attached to the document.


Who is authorized to issue the document?


According to the European standard, the document may be issuedonly by the manufacturer (producer). The products handed over to the customer must comply with the order, and the documents additionally contain test results, based on, inter alia, on official regulations. The order must comply with the requirements specified, agreed and confirmed by both parties during its submission.


Who can confirm the 3.1 certificate?


May be certified (signed) only by the manufacturer’s authorized control representative. It is a person independent in any way from the production department.


Who can provide inspection documents?


The document issued by the manufacturer may be transferred to the customer by an intermediary. According to EN 10204, the broker is only required to provide the original or a copy of the inspection documents, with the proviso that he cannot make any changes to them. The provided certificate is a confirmation that the delivered products comply with the order as well as with the requirements established during its submission. The required documents should also include explanations on how the products are identified.


What documents should be attached to the acceptance certificate?


All required inspection documents should be provided by an authorized representative. They should include the certificate (acceptance certificate 3.1) and the test results attached to the document. It is permissible for the manufacturer (producer) to present to the customer in the 3.1 certificate following the traceability procedures. test results that were obtained during the acceptance control of unprocessed or pre-processed input materials.


Is the issue of the acceptance certificate 3.1 payable?


Declaration 3.1. confirms that the manufacturer complies with all customer guidelines when executing his order. Usually, an additional fee is payable for issuing a document in which the manufacturer declares that the delivered products comply with the requirements and presents the test results.


Does European standard 10204 allow the prescription of 3.1 approval?

It is unacceptable that the declaration be rewritten on letterhead by the manufacturer or an authorized representative. Original documents may be copied under two conditions: the verifiability procedure must be followed and the original document must be made available upon request.


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