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What is an exercise gum and why should you have it in your home?

What is an exercise gum and why should you have it in your home?

The fight for a muscular, slim figure does not require daily training in the gym and the use of specialized equipment. Similar effects can be obtained by practicing at home and using basic gymnastic accessories. One that is especially worth buying is an exercise band.


  1. Types of resistance rubbers
  2. Which exercise gum will be the best?
  3. Not only resistance rubbers


The use of resistance rubbers allows you to strengthen the muscles and mobility of the joints, as well as accelerate fat burning. Due to the fact that the exercise bands are available in various sizes, they are suitable training accessories for both beginners and professionals.

Types of resistance rubbers

Training bands are an accessory that should be found in every home gym. They are perfect for strength exercises for almost all parts of the body, you just have to choose them appropriately to your own abilities and needs.

A mini-bands band will be suitable for beginner training enthusiasts. These bands are thin and usually small and are mainly used to exercise the lower body muscles, such as the buttocks or thighs. The key is to choose the right degree of resistance. For starters, the ones that offer little resistance are good, and as you strengthen your muscles, you can switch to bands with a higher resistance.

Exercises performed by professionals often require the use of other accessories. In their case, classic resistance rubbers that are longer than mini-bands and also provide higher resistance will work better. For advanced people, TRX straps can also be useful for exercising at home. These are products that are characterized by a very low flexibility, because they are used for training with the weight of your own body. However, these exercise bands allow you to burn fat quickly, so they can be a good choice for people who want to lose excess weight.

Which exercise gum will be the best?

This question cannot be answered unequivocally, because the selection of rubber is an individual matter. Training with the use of rubbers should be effective, but at the same time tailored to the capabilities of the training person. Therefore, it is recommended to start training with the rubber with the accessories with the least resistance, and as you progress through the exercise, also change the rubber bands with the ones with higher resistance. In this way, the risk of muscle overtraining and muscle soreness, which can effectively hinder subsequent workouts, is minimized.

By exercising regularly, the change of the gum to the ones with higher resistance may take place after about a month. By exercising regularly, the change of the gum to the ones with higher resistance may take place after about a month. This is a sign that your muscles are ready to make more effort. Therefore, in order to minimize the costs of purchasing rubbers, and at the same time have several different types of rubbers at your disposal, it is worth choosing Allegro tapes and rubbers in a practical set.

Not only resistance rubbers

The use of some resistance rubbers requires a lot of space or the purchase of additional accessories. This mainly applies to TRX straps, which should be hung on something very durable. An exercise bar or a special barrier will be appropriate.

If you want to take care of your fitness even more, complete with elastics you can buy dumbbells, training balls, hula hoops or even a simple skipping rope. The use of these accessories will allow you to diversify the exercises, and thus, counteract boredom and allow you to maintain high efficiency of the entire body.

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