Oringi do klawiatury mechanicznej

Which O-rings for a mechanical keyboard? Guide

Keyboard o-rings – Write more quietly on the keyboard

Society is developing faster and faster, thus technological progress is becoming more and more visible. Modern devices, touch screens, longer lasting phone batteries, ever better graphics of computer games, and these require special gaming pads or, as standard, a keyboard. How often are we bothered by the loud noise of typing by our children, colleagues at work, or people in public places? What actions can be taken to reduce this noise? The safest solution is: keyboard o-rings.

Keyboard construction – O-rings in the keyboard

The keyboard is currently the most common plastic element equipped with electronic circuits. Keyboard keys are made of any material: plastic, metal alloy, wood or rubber. There is usually a plastic layer between the electronics and the keys that allows the keys to be pressed. In higher models of keyboards, between the indicated layer that allows pressing the keys and the keys, there are rubber o-rings. It is these elements of the keyboard that are responsible for mute, i.e. noise reduction.

Keyboard o-rings – A safe way to reduce noise

O-rings (also known as O-rings) are made of various rubber compounds. By adjusting the correct mix, you can achieve your goal: reducing the sound when typing.

What do we gain by muting the keys on the keyboard?

The soundproofing of the environment allows you to work in better conditions, i.e. it increases the comfort of work. We improve the feelings in the immediate surroundings. Whether at home or in the office space.

It is worth adding that this solution is especially dedicated to modern offices working in open space: open space.

oring black
oring black

O-ring hardness and noise reduction

As it turns out, and what is not commonly known, the main component that matters when muting the keyboard isthe hardness of the o-rings. It is thanks to it that the deflection of the sealing element reduces the noise. This is due to the reduction of the generated vibrations. In this regard, it is the subject of broadly understood vibration isolation, but due to the fact that we also offer vibration isolators, we know what rubber mixture and what hardness to choose.

How to order o-rings for a specific keyboard model?

Use our contact form available here: https://powerrubber.com/skonto-sie/. It is best to specify the model of the keyboard you have. We will choose the right amount and size.

We invite you to write about your keyboard model. On our side, we provide advice and professional service.
In extreme cases, please send the O-ring to us. However, if there is a chance to measure the O-rings, we save on a one-way shipment to us. Now, most customers will ask the question: but how can I measure the O-rings if I can’t do it? This is where our blog article comes in handy: https://powerrubber.com/jak-wymiarowac-oringi/

POWERRubber offers a technical seals shop in which you will also find oringi do klawiatury mechanicznej. The gaskets are available immediately – we have over 1,000,000 O-rings in stock, which allows us to provide express service to our customers. Deliveries of soundproofing elements are available on working days for the next working day, but also on Saturday.

We value our clients – everyone prefers to write quieter on the computer.

Mute for mechanical keyboards

The element that mutes mechanical keyboards is the o-rings. As the Leader of the O-ring Market in Poland, we have created a ready-made solution for players and users – a ready-made solution is a set of rubber bands, the purpose of which is to reduce noise – actually the noise level – caused by pressing the keys on the keyboard. They go to the front and offer ready-made solutions.

Remember! The set consists of 125 gaskets that should be replaced with patience!

It is enough to invest once in keyboard O-rings to take care of your loved ones, creating more convenient conditions for work and everyday life.

The main models of keyboards in which we mute the keys

Our rubber pads mute the keys in the following models:

  • Razer Blackwidow Elite (orange switch)
  • Razer Huntsman
  • Logitech G PRO
  • HP Omen
  • MODECOM Volcano
  • A4TECH Bloody
  • other models

Keyboard mute o-rings let you play longer at night thanks to noise reduction

Where to buy o-rings for a mechanical keyboard to silence it?

In our store, we offer a ready-made set:

Online store with rubber products


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