Which roof for a flat garage?

A roof for a flat garage requires a durable and tight covering. A flat roof is a roof that is flat (even) or has a slight slope. There are various types of flat roof coverings available on the market. It is important that the outer layer is waterproof to prevent water from seeping in. Roofs can be covered with bitumen. It is a traditional material that extends the life of the roofing material. Metal roofing tiles or heat-weldable roofing paper are also used. Modern roofing materials guarantee an even longer service life. It is worth taking a closer look at the flexible EPDM membrane. What is an EPDM membrane? What advantages and disadvantages does it have?

EPDM membrane

The EPDM roof membrane is made of synthetic rubber. It is made of extremely durable and durable materials. Projects of houses or garages with an EPDM membrane as a roof covering are resistant to heat and weather conditions. It is ideal for both flat and shallow pitched roofs. A flat roof is a roof that is actually designed to allow water to flow freely downward. Our company offers the EPDM membrane as the best roof system for covering a garage. There can be flat and sloping roofs, the main thing is that they are waterproof and serve for a long time.

EPDM roofing membrane – advantages and disadvantages

The roof membrane made of solid materials guarantees durability and long life. EPDM synthetic rubber has excellent flexibility and high resistance to UV rays. The EPDM rubber membrane was first used as a roofing in the 1960s.

Roofs can be covered with an EPDM membrane in black or white. Below, we will explain step by step what the differences between them are. The black EPDM roof membrane contains the addition of soot. The addition of carbon black further increases the tensile strength of the membrane. Moreover, it also has an impact on the service life of the roofing material, as it blocks harmful UV rays. The white EPDM roofing membrane contains a white pigment (titanium dioxide). It absorbs less sunlight, which makes it less durable than the black membrane. A flat roof is a type of roof that has been used in construction since the beginning of the 20th century.

Find out step by step what could damage the EPDM rubber diaphragm. This type of synthetic rubber is not resistant to gasoline, greases and oils. During installation, be careful of sharp edges that can damage the diaphragm.

A flat roof is an increasingly common solution in modern house designs. The EPDM membrane is perfect for flat roofs and low slopes. This type of covering means that there can be roofs whose surface will be uniform and of the same thickness.

Why is EPDM roofing membrane an ideal covering for a flat roof of a garage? As it withstands extreme heat, severe frosts, it is resistant to UV radiation and ozone. Moreover, for a long time of use, it does not require any maintenance.


Tin garage or garage covered with EPDM membrane?

A tin garage protects the vehicle against gusts of wind and unfavorable weather conditions. The structure of the metal garage is made of closed profiles. The tin garage can be single or double garage. Building a tin garage has its advantages and disadvantages. It is definitely a faster and easier way than building a wooden or brick garage. Certainly, a tin garage requires protection against corrosion. Moreover, the tin structure does not protect the car from theft. Step by step, consider whether what materials should be used to make the roof structure of your garage.

Flat unventilated roof (full)

Full roofs are divided into flat and steep ones. Below, we will guide you step by step through the information on the unventilated flat roof.

The most common unventilated flat roof it has insulation at the top to prevent the accumulation of water vapor. A flat, non-ventilated roof is single-skin, i.e. that all layers adhere tightly to each other (construction, thermal insulation, waterproofing). This type of roofing material is simple to make. It is necessary to ensure high airtightness of a flat, non-ventilated roof. In order to avoid water soaking into the gaps, waterproofing is used.

Insulation of a flat roof

Insulation of a flat roof is extremely important. For this purpose, polystyrene, wool, plates of polyurethane foam are used. In order to avoid the accumulation of water (from rainfall or melting snow), special channels are used to help drain it. This is called non-ventilated flat roof, ventilated.

What is a construction log?

The construction log is a construction document. This official document includes the step-by-step course of construction works, from the moment they start to their completion. The register of works in the construction logbook should be entered chronologically. The construction log is kept by the construction manager. After receiving the building permit, the construction logbook is issued for a fee.

Flat roof ventilation

Depending on the place of installation of ventilation, we can deal with a warm and cold roof. Vents prevent warm air from escaping. They also make the roof of the house or garage at the same temperature as the air outside.

Flat roof ventilation allows warmer air to escape to the outside through openings. House designs that include flat roof insulation with ventilation do not violate the integrity of its structure. Designs of houses with the use of ventilated roofing reduce the risk of water vapor deposition on the surfaces, as well as maintain a roof temperature similar to that of the outside. The use of ventilation extends the life of the roof structure.

We offer roof coverings made of EPDM membranes. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We are available and willing to share our knowledge and experience.

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