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wholesale orings

O-ring Wholesale – The Largest Warehouse in Poland

Orings Wholesale-Rubber O-rings Cheaper – Buy!

O-rings wholesale is a place where you can buy rubber O-rings in large quantities. When visiting our production plant and warehouse, you have the opportunity to purchase over 1 million O-rings available from stock. You will find out about O-rings and their dimensions on site using our Expert advice. We will measure both the seal and the seal groove. We will select the appropriate rubber mixture, called the material, and in the event of damage to the O-ring, we will verify the damage for professional advice and selection of the mixture.

O-ring shop Warsaw
O-ring shop

O-rings Online Store– Largest access

We offer the greatest access to rubber O-rings. We offer the following flat seals: NBR O-rings, EPDM O-rings, Viton® O-rings, Silicone O-rings, CR O-rings. We invite you to submit inquiries for advice and obtain advice and tips via our contact form, or by e-mail:, or by phone:+48 505 16 03 03.

wholesale orings
wholesale orings

Wholesale OringówWarsaw

POWER Rubber offers theproduction of O-rings to order. Thanks to the made-to-measure production, you can use the nameO-ring wholesaler – located near Warsaw.This offers an excellent option for a convenient pickup location with flexible hours. The plant has been operating from 6.00 am. We always recommend that you contact us by phone to confirm the availability of rubber O-rings. The offer is available in quantities of 100 pcs. 1000 items, or even 10,000 items, and even 100,000 items. All this to reduce costs and increase profits.

O-rings viton FKM FPM fluoro rubber
Viton® FKM FPM O-rings fluoro rubber

Wholesale Online O-rings

If you need to purchase technical seals in the form of rubber rings with an “o” cross-section, the best place for this is POWER Rubber wholesaler, which is also a manufacturer of these rubber products: o-rings – the wholesaler offers over 1 million seals available immediately thanks to high inventory. Our offer includes:

  • NBR O-ring commonly referred to as rubber O-ring. A material commonly used for everyday use and temporary contact with oils
  • FKM FPM or Viton® O-rings are used for permanent contact with oils and fuels, including crude oil, and even ozone. It is most commonly an upgraded version of NBR or a higher model of NBR blend.
  • Silicone O-rings are rubber gaskets made of silicone, the main use of which is contact with food. This type of ring is also used for contact with high temperature, in variants of high-temperature silicone, even up to + 300 ° C
  • The EPDM oring is a gasket used for contact with water, UV rays or agents available in air conditioning. Most often it is green, but as we – the Power Rubber specialists – described the colored O-rings and their presence in a separate article, to which we also invite you.
  • All kinds of rubber seals are also available in our offer. We have the ability to cut all types of gaskets, even our machines can cut: silicone gaskets.
  • O-rings in a seamless cover. FEP o-rings are also available. It is worth checking the contact with specialists in rubber articles.

Manufacturer of O-rings of rubber seals

O-ring Wholesale – Telephone Number

As we already know, where we can find the most flat seals available in one place, it is worth calling. So what is the telephone number where we find rubber rings made of various rubber compounds, such as: NBR o-rings, Viton® o-rings, Silicone o-rings (most often in red, called brick-red), or EPDM o-rings (usually

Call this number: +48 505 16 03 03,be by e-mail ( or by ours contact form

Checkavailable O-ring sizes

Are you not sure what size of O-rings you should buy?

You don’t know which rubber compound you should use?

Or maybe you are wondering which rubber gaskets are suitable for contact with e.g. drinking water or food products?

Ask us-> Rubber specialists!

We share knowledge!

We advise!

We are looking for the best solutions for customers, using our technical seals – Rubber rings, Xring, and even Simering!

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