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Anti-vibration mats for machines

In workplaces where machines are used, workers are often exposed to high noise levels. Vibrations caused by intensively working engines of professional devices can be very harmful to human health, and certainly contribute to poorer well-being. The solution can be vibrating mats, which effectively dampen the resulting vibrations, while reducing the noise level. These are products that will certainly help to increase the comfort of working in the workshop every day.

Wibro insulation mats – advantages

The main advantages of using insulating mats made of natural cork, rubber or other elastomers is their long service life. In addition, they are highly resistant to chemical compounds, so they can be used in a variety of environments without fear. It allows you to use them even in baths with a absorber. The durability of such a mat is also affected by thickness, so this parameter cannot be underestimated. Wibro insulation mats are widely used in heavy industry plants, workshops or warehouses, basically wherever there are intensive and loud devices such as printing machines, presses, lathes or milling machines. In addition, they are usually offered in many shapes and sizes, which makes it possible to adapt such a mat to your individual needs and the requirements of a particular space. Well and professionally made mat has high strength, is flexible and at the same time retains its shape for a very long time. Made of polyurethane or other elastomet material, mats usually also have a wide temperature optimum, whichranges from -20 st. Celsius to as much as +120 degrees. degrees. Some people are also used, not only to vibrate the vibrations of devices. Such a mat can also prevent the movement of the machine. This can positively affect the quality and final effect of the current task by reducing vibrations.

Black Power Stable Mat

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Wibroisolation of mats for machines

Efficient damping of most vibrations caused by working machines is not so easy and not every product on the market will work for this. The key parameter is to pay attention to the type of material from which the mat is made. Among the most popular is afairly large group of elastomers, which includes rubber and polyurethane. Cork and rubber also work very well as a material for the production of such mats. The specialist will certainly be able to advise in the selection, also taking into account the density of the plastic, in terms of the type of workshop and the machines whose vibrations are to be suppressed. The thickness of the mat is also of great importance – the thicker, the better anti-vibration properties it should have, and therefore – the better the vibration insulation. Of course, your choice should depend on the weight of the insulated device. Please note that anti-vibration mats are best suited for attenuation of mainly material sound. In terms of applications, this means that they are used rather for less demanding work. For greater effectiveness, choose mats with higher hardness and thicker. In the case of wibroisolation mats, two types of surfaces can be distinguished – smooth or profiled. Some special, high-quality products are also further reinforced with PE fibres. This is then called a layered method. Mats for machines are very easy to install, which greatly facilitates the self-positioning of such a material, and in the meantime the beginning of work in quieter, calmer.

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