Garage floor tiles

Tiles for the garage, workshop and boiler room Powerfloor

We present you with specialized floors for the garage and workshop. Our meticulously accumulated knowledge, continuous training and an innovative technology park have allowed us to create a real industrial masterpiece. Power Rubber – innovative quality and products of an incredible standard.

Floor for garage, workshop and Powerfloor boiler room
Regardless of whether you are talking about a professional workshop or a handyman’s garage, it should have order and security. The order is easy to maintain through the appropriate equipment system, and safety thanks to the Power Rubber industrial floor. Our main goal is to provide our clients with access to the best products that will serve them for many long years of intensive use. From the beginning of our activity, we have been able to accomplish this mission.

Garage and workshop floor for professionals
Specific conditions prevail in both the garage and the workshop. Therefore, the surface that will be there must meet many important conditions. First of all, it must be resistant to chemical and mechanical substances. It should absorb falls and exhibit anti-slip properties. These values ​​have floors that came from Power Rubber factories.

kolorowe płytki power floor do garażu

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