Which roof for a flat garage?

A roof for a flat garage requires a durable and tight covering. A flat roof is a roof that is flat (even) or has a slight slope. There are various types of flat roof coverings available on the market. It is important that the outer layer is waterproof to prevent water from seeping in. Roofs […]

Floors for warehouses

The floor for the warehouse

A warehouse is a place where you can store many different assortments. The most important thing in a warehouse is the substrate, which should ensure a stable arrangement. The floor for the warehouse is characterized by high resistance to higher loads. This floormust necessarily have anti-slip and good adhesion protection. The area of such floors […]


History of ergonomic mats

History of ergonomic mats The history of Ergonomic Mats begins withErgonomics, a work science that was established in the 19th century. Its primary task is to define working conditions corresponding to the psychophysical abilities of a human being. It is important not only to achieve the best possible results, but most of all to maintain the […]

ESD antistatic rubber mats

ESD antistatic rubber mats

ESD antistatic rubber mats available from Power Rubber! Check it out today!

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