Płyty gumowe na taras i balkon

Rubber tiles for the terrace

Rubber tiles for the terrace. They isolate, protect and increase the level of security.

Rubber mats for playgrounds: SBR or EPDM?

Rubber mats for playgrounds: SBR or EPDM?

Mats for playgrounds for children are a very important and key element of playground equipment. These are elements that affect safety, but also give cheerful colors. And yes, there are two types of discs on the market: SBR EPDM In this guide, we explain the difference for these similar but different products that make color […]

Substructure for rubber tiles for a playground

Substructure for rubber tiles for a playground

SBR bases are a key element for playground mats. Why? The main reason is to increase the level of safety which allows for HIC certification, more on thesafety factor HIC. In addition, the plates placed on the correct base are more resistant to damage and displacement. Which playground boards can you find on the market […]

Safe Surfaces for Playgrounds - Green hypertrophic mats

Mats for slides for children

A slide is one of the basic elements of every playground equipment. Rubber mats prevent injuries that may be life or health-threatening, depending on the type of fall. They provide the highest shock absorption among materials such as: sand, lawn, mulch. Rubber mats for slides or a swing are extremely durable and resistant to intensive […]

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