Floors for warehouses

The floor for the warehouse

A warehouse is a place where you can store many different assortments. The most important thing in a warehouse is the substrate, which should ensure a stable arrangement. The floor for the warehouse is characterized by high resistance to higher loads. This floormust necessarily have anti-slip and good adhesion protection. The area of such floors […]

Pool mats

Antibacterial and antifungal pool mats

Public recreation and sports facilities are places that are particularly exposed to the development of bacteria and fungi. The hygienic swimming pool mat is made of PVC material resistant to intensive use. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is resistant to chlorine and cosmetics (including oils that are a component of shampoos and cleansing agents). Blue PVC swimming […]

Safe Surfaces for Playgrounds - Green hypertrophic mats

Mats for slides for children

A slide is one of the basic elements of every playground equipment. Rubber mats prevent injuries that may be life or health-threatening, depending on the type of fall. They provide the highest shock absorption among materials such as: sand, lawn, mulch. Rubber mats for slides or a swing are extremely durable and resistant to intensive […]

Mats for sports equipment - Rubber mats in a roll

Mats for sports equipment – Rubber mats in a roll

The floor in sports facilities is an area exposed to intense traffic. Sports equipment mats must be solid, durable, easy to maintain, and provide good shock absorption in the event of a dropped equipment. A roll of rubber mat is a popular flooring that is perfect for home and commercial gyms, fitness clubs, functional training […]

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