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O-rings for American machines

O-rings for American machines

O-rings for American machines available from POWER Rubber. Check the offer for the right gaskets.

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Rubber O-rings – Guide on O-rings and other Technical Seals

Our present article aims to explain the concept of rubber o-rings. By reading the current entry, you will also learn about other technical seals operating on our Polish market. O-ring– what is it? When answering the above question, it is worth quoting the available definition of o-rings: Theoretical part: o-rings O-ring, also called O-ring. A […]

Customized seals

Customized seals

We make custom-made seals in a precise manner, using high-class materials. We cut rubber seals in accordance with the customer’s needs. Before proceeding with the order, the manufacturer of the gaskets consults and discusses all the details with the customer. We also advise on thechoice of material from which the gaskets are to be made. […]

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