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Product quality control documents

Product quality control documents are described in the European standard EN 10204, which applies to metallic and non-metallic products.   Control documents based on internal control   Certificate 2.1 The declaration of compliance with the order is the basic control document in which the manufacturer (manufacturer), authorized representative or importer declares that the goods received […]

What are silicone O-rings for and where to buy them?

From among dozens of types of sealing materials, it is difficult to choose the one that perfectly fits our expectations. Therefore, in this constantly growing market, it is worth paying attention to silicone O-rings. These flexible gaskets are a good alternative to many other specifics. Their circular cross-section opens up a multitude of possible uses, […]

Scraper and scraper-sealing rings

Scraper rings – seals of this type are one of the types of auxiliary rings that are used in the sealing industry as an auxiliary seal for primary seals, which determine the tightness of the entire system. The reciprocating rings that fulfill this task include the scraper ring, it has a protective function, preventing solid […]

The floor for exhibition stands

The purpose of the fair is to promote, sell and build direct relations with potential contractors. For this reason, it is necessary to properly care for the floor so that the presented exhibition looks impeccable. The floor for the fair should be made of high-quality materials and with the utmost care for every smallest detail, […]

Z-type and ZZ-type scraper rings – in an outer metal casing

Z-type and ZZ-type scraper rings in an external metal casing are used to remove impurities and excess lubricating medium from components and elements of machines operating in reciprocating motion.   Designed to work in a dusty environment (mines, construction machines, agriculture). Used in hydraulic drives and controls. The design of the Z and ZZ rings […]

Sealing rings with cross-section U1, U2, U6, UN, V

Sealing rings with a cross-section of U1, U2, U6, UN, V are used to seal nodes with reciprocating movement. Most often they are made of NBR rubber, less often of silicone MVQ and polyurethane PU   NBR УSealing rings made of NBR rubber are resistant to oils (automotive, mineral, animal and plant origin), mineral greases, […]

Black and green hypertrophic mats

Black and green overgrowth mats are durable and safe rubber surfaces of the Polish manufacturer Power Rubber, which have many advantages and applications.   Discover the key benefits of hypertrophic mats Strength and durability Rubber surfaces are characterized by exceptional resistance to abrasion and intensive use. Black and green blotting mats are oil resistant, antistatic, […]

O-rings for mechanical keyboard

O-rings for a mechanical keyboard are O-shaped rubber rings that are designed to reduce noise and shocks. They are characterized by high strength, flexibility and resistance to cracking.   What are the O-rings for a mechanical keyboard used for?   Mechanical keyboards make a sound each time they are pressed. The rubber rings are designed […]

Sealing rings with rectangular cross-section marked as OP

Sealing rings with a rectangular cross-section marked as OP are resistant to damage and high overload. They have been developed as an alternative to O-rings in static applications.   The square cross-section allows the entire contact surface to be adapted to the sealed surface. The flexibility of the ring allows assembly without the use of […]

Which roof for a flat garage?

A roof for a flat garage requires a durable and tight covering. A flat roof is a roof that is flat (even) or has a slight slope. There are various types of flat roof coverings available on the market. It is important that the outer layer is waterproof to prevent water from seeping in. Roofs […]

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