Rubber products Warsaw

Rubber products Warsaw

Rubber products POWER Rubber. O-rings, cords, vibro-isolators, rubber adhesives and Professional Consulting.

Road accessories Warszawa

Road accessories Warszawa

When it comes to accessories, the road signs are definitely the most important of them. Everyone should know the marking of road signs. Regardless of whether we have a driving license and are active drivers, or we move only by bike or on foot, it does not release us from the obligation to know at […]

Customized seals

Customized seals

We make custom-made seals in a precise manner, using high-class materials. We cut rubber seals in accordance with the customer’s needs. Before proceeding with the order, the manufacturer of the gaskets consults and discusses all the details with the customer. We also advise on thechoice of material from which the gaskets are to be made. […]

Floors for offices

Floors for offices

All workplaces should pay particular attention to interior finishing. Appropriate working conditions for specialists should be guaranteed, as well as care for their own safety, as well as for patients and clients. Surgeries are a very important place in the workplace or hospitals. When finishing offices, it is especially important that visitors feel comfortable. A […]

gym with mats for the gym

Outdoor gyms Warsaw

BEMOWO   Adamiecki’s outdoor gym Location: square at the roundabout. col. Adamecki   It is one of the many open air gyms available in the city of Warsaw. There are over a dozen of them in the Bemowo estate. This is a great opportunity to take care of your condition, completely free of charge, at […]

EPDM gasket

EPDM gasket

Due to its properties, the EPDM gasket has a wide range of applications. This synthetic rubber is an extremely durable material resistant to weather conditions, direct sunlight, water and various categories of chemicals.   Check what EPDM rubber gaskets are (including self-adhesive gaskets), what properties they have and where they can be used. What is […]

mats for horses

Horse boxing – types and types of boxes

The horse, while being an animal that spends most of its life outdoors, also requires some time under cover. Especially during fall and winter. The perfect place for this is a box, where the horse will find safety, comfort and shelter. However, boxing, in order to be suitable for hosting a horse, should meet certain […]

Producenci uszczelnień

Manufacturers of seals

Companies that deal with the production of technical seals have their hands full. There is a great deal of demand for this type of seal. They are used in every industry, construction, automotive, electric and even in the aerospace industry. Technical seals are made of, among others, silicone, latex and, of course, rubber. The production […]

Adhesive for Power Rubber O-rings

O-ring adhesive

O-rings are sealing elements, most often of an O-shape, that are used to prevent liquid and gases from entering between two surfaces. Due to their properties, they are the most frequently used sealing element. They are made of a wide range of materials that enable them to be used for various working conditions (static, dynamic […]

Pool mats

Antibacterial and antifungal pool mats

Public recreation and sports facilities are places that are particularly exposed to the development of bacteria and fungi. The hygienic swimming pool mat is made of PVC material resistant to intensive use. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is resistant to chlorine and cosmetics (including oils that are a component of shampoos and cleansing agents). Blue PVC swimming […]

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