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Dielectric electro-insulating liners

Dielectric liners are an indispensable piece of equipment for any workplace that uses machines that generate high electrical voltage. Working near such devices is dangerous due to the risk of electric shock. However, workers can be protected by using an insulating liner and thus providing them with a more comfortable working environment. Only high-quality rubber liners, manufactured in accordance with the international standard PN-IEC 61111:2002/A1:2004, are worth recommending, which confirms the excellent quality and durability of the product. It is also a guarantee that the carpet has dielectric properties. The insulation liner is available in a specific format, but can be cut to a specific dimension for the customer’s needs. In addition to electro-insulation, these carpets have other features that increase the comfort of work.

Insulating linings – properties

Electro-insulating linings are made of very good quality rubber mixtures, so they are products with a long shelf life. Professional manufacturers ensure that the electrical insulation liners are in accordance with the PN-IEC 61111 standard, the year of issue 2002, which gives users confidence that the product will meet their expectations. For each buyer, the parameters of the item are important. The thickness of the insulation liner is 5 mm, the maximum width is 1.22 m and the roll length is 8 m. If these dimensions are too large, the linings can be cut to size. Importantly, they are tested at an effective value of 20 kV. Usually manufacturers offer carpets in gray color, with a roaring. The important properties of the insulation liner are resistance to external factors such as low and very low temperatures – they can be used even at – 25 st. Celsius; non-suitable exposure to acids and petroleum-based substances. These properties have been confirmed by studies. These liners also have high resistance to mechanical damage and therefore have a protective function, protecting the substrate from damage.

Why use dielectric liners? First of all, they are created in accordance with the standard PN-IEC 61111:2002/A1:2004,whichproves that they are a product that meets high technical requirements. Thanks to their properties, they increase safety in the workplace, they are also tested in voltage tests to confirm their proper functioning. In addition, their installation is not difficult, and cleaning is quick and trouble-free, making it easier to keep the workplace clean. They can be vacuumed, swept or washed without fear of being destroyed. This product is available in stores or markets with an industrial assortment or in online stores. Dielectric liners can be purchased in the formats prepared by the manufacturer, but it is also possible to trim the product to the dimension specified by the customer, so that the insulation liner meets his needs. It is important to check that the product has been manufactured in accordance with 2002’s PN-IEC 61111 standard, which is the most important confirmation that carpets with electro-insulating properties effectively protect the health and life of people working in conditions of increased risk of electric shock. Only insulating liners with information about compliance with the international standard are worth using, because they give confidence that they have been very well tested.

Use of electro-insulating linings

Electro-insulating carpets due to their main property are used primarily in the electro-energy industry. The liner is used to isolate people from the surface, which can conduct the current produced by machines. Such products are commonly used e.g. in electricity switchboards, in engine rooms of vehicles or in production factories where high-voltage current equipment is used. They shall be placed on flat surfaces, i.e. on floors or tables where work is carried out. They are lined with halls, corridors and a substrate at the production line – wherever the in-service employees come into contact with electrical equipment. It is important that the dimension of the carpet is adapted to the conditions in the workplace. Thickness and specific dimensions help ensure the safety of employees. Due to the fact that the insulation liners are resistant to low temperatures, they can be used outdoors or in cooled rooms. Electro-insulating carpets effectively protect against accidents at work, as evidenced by the fact that they are manufactured in accordance with the international standard PN-IEC 61111:2002/A1:2004.

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