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FKM blue plates with FDA approval

FKM blue plates with FDA approval

FKM blue plates are dedicated to the food industry. Thanks to their color, they are visible, which makes it easier to identify impurities that got into food during the production process – this would be immediately noticed. Fluorine rubber-based plates are used as technical seals.

Rubber FKM – Properties

Fluorine rubber is a flexible elastomer, which is characterized by high chemical stability and resistance to high temperatures. Gums are used for a variety of applications thanks to their properties. Flat seals are successfully manufactured from this type of rubber. The material has antistatic properties and very good wear resistance (e.g. abrasion, tear). Technical seals made of fluorinated rubber have good fire resistance, in addition, the plates are extremely resistant to high temperatures (up to 260 degrees Celsius).

Other properties of fluorinated rubber include resistance to:

  • ozone, UV radiation, weather conditions
  • diesel and petrol
  • transformer oil
  • acids, oils, lubricants
  • many aliphatic hydrocarbon fluids
  • Biogas

Technical seals made of fluorine elastomers are ideal for low-wear applications e.g. protective gloves, cable insulation.

Fkm plates fkm viton sheets

Advantages of using blue flour rubber plates

The blue color of fluorine rubber plates is intended for the food industry. Technical seals have many benefits:

  • resistance of the rubber in contact with hot, fatty foods
  • does not colour the surface with which it is in contact – the plates are non-dirty, so that they are safe in contact with food products – they do not contaminate them
  • plates are not toxic
  • does not give off odour – the plates are odorless
  • safe for humans (plates do not cause allergies)
  • has a temperature resistance of up to 250°C
  • pyts are resistant to chlorinated hydrocarbons, fuel and acids
  • in line with REACH issued by the European Union

The most common hardness of the board is 75 ShA (Shore scale type A).

oil-resistant plates

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FDA-approved boards

Fda (Food and Drug Administration) certification ensures that the material or products meet strict safety requirements and can be used for direct contact with food (food industry) or in work related to the medical industry. FDA-approved Viton boards are safe for repeated use in food contact in food applications. Food and Drug Administration certified plates are also available in white. They are used for gaskets, belts, joints in applications used for work in the pharmaceutical or food industry. Silicone plates are also available on the market, which have this approval. Silicone is characterized by excellent resistance to high temperatures up to 200°C. Plates made of silicone are used in various industries. FDA-certified silicone technical seals allow them to be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. At Power Rubber we offer both rubber plates and cords and silicone plates and cords for sale.

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