Floors for offices

Floors for offices

All workplaces should pay particular attention to interior finishing. Appropriate working conditions for specialists should be guaranteed, as well as care for their own safety, as well as for patients and clients. Surgeries are a very important place in the workplace or hospitals. When finishing offices, it is especially important that visitors feel comfortable. A good solution is to choose a floor or carpet with a high class of abrasion and scratch resistance. Covering the floor with carpet will make the interior cozier. It is also important to choosefloors with an anti-slip coating. The right choice of flooring will allow us to enjoy its comfort for many years.

We have a variety of offices, but in this article we will mainly focus on flooring used in doctor’s offices. It is necessary to properly plan the health care rooms so that they are friendly to small and large patients. Some people choose laminate and wood flooring. The most appropriate choice, however, is a flooring made of natural ingredients, mainly resin. Particular attention must be paid to the fact that the carpeting in the offices is flexible and non-slip.

Taking care of hygiene and cleanliness is extremely important, but in health care rooms you need to pay special attention to it. The floor intended for doctor’s offices must be properly adapted to the sanitary recommendations. Choosing the right flooring has a big impact on preventing nosocomial infections. Floors in healthcare facilities are much more frequently cleaned and disinfected. Medical offices are the place most often visited by sick patients, therefore they must be finished in such a way that they are easy to clean. Floors intended for doctor’s offices should be made of the highest quality non-slip materials. The use of rooms in medical facilities is definitely more intensive than in the case of private facilities. The surface is subject to high traffic and high load of medical equipment, therefore the floor should be able to withstand the weight.

Homogeneous floors are recommended for doctor’s offices. They should have reinforced coatings resistant to all kinds of liquids, such as acids, alcohols, solvents, chemicals and disinfectants. Floors should have a single-layer coating, this is an important issue as medical equipment is often used in doctor’s offices. Medical devices are usually sensitive to electrostatic discharge, and the single-layer coating has electric discharge properties. An important element when choosing the right floor for offices is that there are as few joints as possible on its surface and that it is tight. The joint must also meet special requirements for resistance to washing out and to chemicals.


What types of flooring are we most often used in doctor’s offices?

  • Marmoleum flooring – it is the most frequently chosen floor for healthcare facilities due to its natural bacteriostatic properties. The predominant materials that make it up are ingredients of natural origin, including linseed oil. It is very durable and effective. It inhibits the growth of bacteria from the moment the product is put on, throughout the entire period of its use. A Marmoleum floor definitely makes it easier to keep a room clean. It has high resistance to chemicals used for disinfection. It should be mentioned that a Marmoleum floor captures allergens and pollen from the air, which greatly helps to keep the air in the office clean and fresh.
  • Flotex floor covering – it is a flocked floor covering. It was made of smooth and flexible materials that have acoustic properties in their structure. Its main advantage is durability and ease of cleaning. This floor model has a special system of microbiological protection, the so-called Sanitized. It is characterized by effective protection against the growth of bacteria and fungi, which is a very important issue in choosing the right flooring for a doctor’s office. Like Marmoleum, Flotex traps pollen and allergens from the air. When choosing one of these two categories of floors, offices should enjoy the fresh air and patients will feel good in them.

Categories of resin floors
Resin floors are a modern floor finishing system. This type of flooring is perfect for any interior due to its exclusive and unique design. Resin floors are made of products of natural origin that can be combined with other materials. Thanks to this combination, you can create all kinds of compositions and adjust the floors to the individual needs of the customer. This type of flooring is perfect for pharmacies, hospitals as well as all kinds of doctor’s offices.

There are three categories of resin floors:
Epoxy resin floorsare the most popular resin floors made of two-component epoxy resin. An office that has a lot of contact with chemicals often decides to choose this floor due to its chemical resistance. The big advantage of this floor is the ability to color it depending on the effect you want to achieve. This gives the room an original and unique look. Epoxy flooring, as already mentioned, is mainly characterized by high chemical resistance. It also has other features, including: very high adhesion to the substrate, high impact and abrasion resistance, no dusting and the possibility of laying in very thin layers.

Polyurethane resin floors made of one or two-component resin. The polyurethane floor is made of a highly flexible and soft material. Thanks to these properties, we can easily lay such a floor, without the need to map expansion cuts in advance. Choosing a floor made of polyurethane material, we guarantee that the floor is easy and quick to keep clean. A doctor’s office should be specially isolated from other rooms for privacy and data protection reasons. Therefore, it is worth noting that the polyurethane floor is characterized by soundproofing properties. The great advantage of this floor is that it does not age and does not discolor.
The decorative stone carpet floor is made of small grains of natural quartz or marble stone, which are joined together thanks to resin. The main advantage of this type of floor is that the structure of which it is made is muffled and soundproofed. It is the hardest floor covering in the category of resin floors, but the addition of resin makes it soft and flexible. By adding fine aggregate to the product, an industrial floor is created that has a non-slip texture. This is a very important feature of floors, and every doctor’s office must pay special attention to it when choosing a floor.

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