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Horse boxing – types and types of boxes

The horse, while being an animal that spends most of its life outdoors, also requires some time under cover. Especially during fall and winter. The perfect place for this is a box, where the horse will find safety, comfort and shelter. However, boxing, in order to be suitable for hosting a horse, should meet certain requirements and criteria.

Keeping horses

The most common and common way of keeping horses is “boxing”. Most often, in stalls we keep noble breeds or horses that require safe conditions: pregnant mares and foals, stallions, sports horses, working horses or dangerous and aggressive horses. Currently, all horses can be successfully boxed, regardless of their temperament or condition.

Undoubtedly, keeping horses in boxes is comfortable and convenient also for horse owners, due to the easy possibility of caring for and looking after the animals. However, it should be remembered that boxing should not be a natural and permanent environment for horses, but only a temporary way of keeping them.

Types of boxes

Among the types of boxes, there are two: wooden and brick. Which one is better for our horse?

When choosing the right box, it is worth paying special attention to what it is made of. We can choose between wood and brick. Both of these materials have their own advantages but also disadvantages.

Wood: Its advantage is that it is a natural material with fairly good insulation. Unfortunately, when it comes into contact with moisture, it begins to lose quality, which turns out to be a poor choice in the long run. In addition, it is less resistant, e.g. to horse kicks.

In the face of the above-mentioned facts, we can come to the conclusion that brick boxes turn out to be a better choice. What’s more, they are also more resistant to fire. Their disadvantage, however, is the price, because brick boxes are much more expensive than wooden ones.

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Box types

There are two most popular types of boxes: English and in closed stables. How are they different?

The stalls in the English stable are those where their exit leads directly to the outside. This type of stalls will be perfect for horses that require fresh air, or for those with respiratory problems. Thanks to them, the horse does not inhale so many pollutants. In our country, it is the most popular type. The second type are stalls that go directly to the stable corridor.

Basic requirementsfor horse stalls

In order to ensure the comfort and safety of the horse, boxing for him should meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum area of 9 m2 for an adult horse
  • For a mare with a foal – minimum 12 m2, and additionally a nursery for a foal
  • Adequate bedding under the horse, such as peat or straw, which needs to be changed regularly
  • Smooth floor, no holes, nicks or pebbles
  • No dangerous elements, e.g. nails, may protrude from the walls
  • Properly fixed door that the horse will not open by himself
  • Permanent access to the drinker and the manger
  • Solid and durable walls


When choosing the right box, it is also worth paying attention to the windows in the stable. It is good if they are large enough. Windows provide not only natural lighting in the box, but also proper ventilation and temperature in the box.

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