Anaerobic Adhesives

Anaerobic adhesive for threads and bearings in POWER Rubber

Anaerobic adhesive for threads
Anaerobic adhesive is the best thread adhesive. Connects and seals for greater comfort and secure connection.
Anaerobic adhesive for bearings
Anaerobic adhesives are also adhesives for rolling bearings.

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Showing 1–12 of 19 results

Professional Thread and Bearing Adhesives

Anaerobic adhesive Drying time

Anaerobic adhesive Drying time
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We answer the question: how long does it dry anaerobic glue – how long does it dry?Generally, the initial drying time for thread adhesives is about 60 minutes. Full ability and endurance usually lasts after 24h.Anaerobic adhesives are so-called anaerobic adhesives, because the adhesive hardens on contact with metal and in the absence of air.They are resistant to high temperatures, pressure, chemical resistance and mechanical abrasion. It has high fatigue strength. Anaerobic adhesives are mainly used to connect rigid parts, as well as to protect threads or joints against corrosion or for sealing due to the high elasticity and tightness of joints.An important feature of anaerobic adhesives is the lack of a pungent odor and PZH approval, which means that these adhesives are approved for use in contact with drinking water.

Anaerobic adhesives in Pruszków near the city of Warsaw

If you are looking for professional anaerobic adhesives, please visit POWER Rubber.The convenient location in Pruszków near the capital city of Warsaw allows for quick access, especially from the following districts:

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