Anti fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats

At Power Rubber, we offer ergonomic mats that will significantly improve the comfort of living in the places where they will be found. This is due to their technical specifications and careful execution in accordance with all health and safety standards.
Ergonomic mats
Ergonomic mats are widely used in all areas of human activity – at work, at home and while driving. Thanks to them, the feeling of tiredness and sore feet will go away. The ergonomics of mats is a feature that allows adequate muscle stimulation and stimulation of blood circulation. They will be a noticeable help for employees whose work requires hours of standing. Installing a mat on an armchair or sofa will help improve relaxation after a busy day. In turn, their presence in the car will allow you to take the right position and relieve the muscles of the spine.
Ergonomic mats – a guarantee of quality
Ergonomic mats that you can find in our assortment are of the highest quality products. Our many years of experience and unparalleled technological facilities allow us to achieve such a standard. We invite you to contact us.

mata antypoślizgowa z zoltym brzegiem

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Showing 1–12 of 31 results

Anti-slip mats

Ergonomic mats

Ergonomic mats are ideal for workplaces that require long-term standing position for employees. They effectively reduce fatigue, thanks to the design that allows to stimulate circulation in the feet, legs and lower back. Standing mats stimulate circulation through a patented ergonomic surface profile. Muscles stimulated in this way force a positive reaction of the whole organism. This provides pleasure, relief and relaxation during work, which translates into the productivity of employees.

Ergonomic mats full, dry, wet and oily environment

maty olejoodporne
maty olejoodporne w fabryce

Ergonomic mats are used in single workstations, machines, machine tools, production lines and many other places.Mats improve ergonomics and safety in workplaces. And what’s most important is that they reduce fatigue, extending the vitality of work in the workplace. For this thesis, studies have been carried out. As it turned out, the impact is so significant that working people were surprised by the results.We also offer full mats, without draining holes. Mats can be used in both dry and damp environments if users do not want to use drainage mats, i.e. mats with holes. it is worth paying attention to the mats in the oil-resistant version. They are dedicated to use in places where there are oil spills and service of equipment that contains oil – both gear and silicical.

Ergonomic mats full of pvc and polyurethane foam dry environment

mata piankowa ergonomiczna
mata piankowa ergonomiczna

Foam mats are used on individual workstations. Wherever the employee is in a position during the long period of performance of his duties. It is worth using mats when our employees have limited movement. As much as possible, they can be able to make time more enjoyable by using foam mats where there is a lot of work of type: rotating or walking within a given workstation. The mats have very good ergonomic properties and reduce fatigue and significantly increase the comfort of work. Ergonomic foam mats are designed for a dry working environment. Both for workstations active during one shift and two or even three shifts. Mats are available in many variants, as station mats, in rollers, in running meters or in modules.

Ergonomic mats with drainage

maty ergonomiczne z drenazem
maty ergonomiczne z drenazem w gastronomii

Ergonomic drainage mats are mats that allow the flow of substances in liquid form through our mat in the workplace. Most often used where we are aware of oil, water, acid, alcohol or other liquid leaks.

Anti-fatigue mats available in Warsaw

mata antyzmeczeniowa comfort lok
mata antyzmeczeniowa comfort lok - zastosowanie

Anti-fatigue mats available at the POWER Rubber store. The store’s location is ul. Domaniewska 5A 05-800 Pruszków. Very close to the Capital City of Warsaw Warsaw. Allows access from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Of course, the issue of safe driving. We have the most commonly used ergonomic or anti-fatigue mats on site. The mats reduce the feeling of fatigue. They have a positive effect on employees, reducing fatigue.