Anti slip stair tape

Anti-slip stair tapes

Anti-slip tape will minimize the risk of falling and increase safety where necessary.

Anti-slip rubber tape increases the safety
Anti slip tape made of rubber tape are one of the most popular products in our offer. Anti-slip rubber tape can be used both indoors and outdoors, e.g. on the stairs leading to the house. Thanks to them, it is possible to ensure the safety of the household and guests.

Silicone anti-slip tape and non-slip transparent tape
Where it is necessary to maintain a high aesthetic (e.g. sanitary) silicone anti-slip tape will work best. Products such as non-slip transparent tape will allow you to maintain safety without interfering with the appearance of the interior. This solution is used not only in homes, but also in museums, offices or theatres.

Anti-slip tape on sports facilities
Anti-slip tapes are readily used on sports facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, fitness clubs. Thanks to them, it is possible to increase the comfort of exercisers and provide them with gentle cushioning.

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Anti-slip tapes are an increase in the safety standard

Anti-slip stair tapes

Anti slip stair tape
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Anti-slip tapes are anti-slip tapes. It is the tapes that, thanks to its structure, the rough surface increases adhesion, that is, increases friction, and this translates into an increased level of safety.

Anti-slip protections

non-slip tape yellow black
black and yellow anti-slip tape

GRP anti-slip plates and overlays are used in wide applications. The offered overlays, tapems and safety belts increase the non-slip surface. You can choose from:

  • Coba Grip
  • Non-slip aluminium cap
  • Anti-slip tapes
  • Marking tapes and paints

Anti-slip products are available in different length sizes, widths, as well as the following colors:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Black and yellow