O ring Viton® FPM FKM

Viton® Orings FKM FPM

Vtion Orings an oil-resistant orings are oil-resistant seals with high tolerance to mineral oils, silicone lubricants, animal fats, vegetable oils. In addition, their flexible structure is resistant to hydraulic fluids – HFA, HFC, propane, buteline, as well as some dilute acids and bases.

Oil and fuel resistant seals
are the component that allows for solid sealing, both fixed and moving parts of the machine. Their proper operation is of paramount importance for the quality and safety of working with the machine. At Power Rubber you will find oringi that have been manufactured according to the latest production strategies and in compliance with all standards. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of oil-resistant orings.

The best oil-resistant orings
In Power Rubber are very important to how our products are manufactured. Our expert group oversees the textbook production process. Therefore, by purchasing oil-resistant orings from us, you can be sure that you become owners of a full-fledged product.

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Viton Orings

Viton Orings

Oringi Viton® belong to the FKM brand. They were created from highly specialized material – synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer (FPM). Depending on the fluoride polymer content, viton seals ® have been used m.in. in the automotive, aerospace, chemical, energy, oil industries.

Viton oringi is characterized by resistance to gasoline, fuels including oxygenated car fuels, lubricants, oils: diesel, motor, mineral and vegetable, water, steam. They can be used for non-flammable hydraulic fluids (HFD), various hydrocarbons from aromatic to aliphatic to chlorinated fluids. They also exhibit high temperature characteristics up to +210°C and are non-flammable. They have very good resistance to the aging of the material under the influence of weather conditions. An additional advantage is low gas permeability, low swelling in oil (oil resistance) and do not deform permanently.



Orings Viton® FKM FPM

Orings Viton® FKM FPM

Oringi FKM/FPM otherwise called Viton seals® allow for solid sealing, both fixed and moving parts of the machine. They are used for hydraulic, pneumatic, static, as well as dynamic systems. They can be found in scuba diving, pistons, and vacuum environments.

Oringi Viton® FKM FPM, which can be found in our store have reviews of some of the strongest orings available on the market. However, it should be remembered that they should not be used in company with polar solvents or with low molecular weight. Brake fluids based on glycol, ammonia, concentrated organic acids of the acetic or formic type.



O-ring FKM are Viton Orings

O-ring FKM are Viton Orings

For the manufacture of FKM material, from which, among other things, oringi are produced as a monomer was used vinyl lidodenide. This was first developed by DuPont (Viton®). Viton® in the composition of its products uses fluoroelastomers, which are more expensive than elastomers made of neoprene or nitrile rubber. They also appear under the name Fluorel®. However, this solution ensures m.in products. additional thermal and chemical resistance.

Thanks to such a change, Oringi FKM, also known as Oringi Viton® have good overall performance, that is, they are resistant to deformation, weather conditions, friction, have a longer service life. Better chemical resistance that means they are resistant to many strong organic solvents and concentrated aquatic inorganic acids. Additional thermal resistance has made seals made of FKM material resistant to high temperatures and are non-flammable. They are also resistant to bases and hydrogen sulfide.

It should also be noted that, according to generally accepted standards, FKM is classified as the equivalent of FPM. Seals made of this material have found their application wherever the highest quality, precision and guarantee for long-term operation are important. They were used, among others, in the space, mining and water industries.



O-ring FPM

FPM orings owe their name to the material they are made of – fluoride rubber (FPM). Names such as Oringi FKM, Viton ® oringi ® and fluoride orings are also used alternately.

Currently, seals made of fluoride rubber are highly tidy due to their excellent properties. These products are considered one of the best on the market. This is confirmed by the fact that they are used in very demanding and responsible environments such as the chemical, automotive, commercial industries.

Power Rubber recommends the use of FPM/FKM/Viton orings® to any customer who is mindful of the use of multi-purpose seals with zero quality decline.

Fluorine Watertone Orings

The production of fluoride orings is very similar to that of seals made of FKM or FPM. The main production component in all cases is fluoride rubber. Oringi made of it is characterized by resistance to various types of oils, good gas insulation, so they can be used in vacuums eg. in the aerospace industry. The advantages of fluorine orings have also been recognised by the mining, metallurgical and other industrial industries where resistance to elevated temperatures and non-combustible materials is important. Other features that fluoride orings also called vitone or vitone can stand out on the market are high resistance to chemicals, lubricants and fuels.

FPM sealing ring

The FPM sealing ring is the basic technical seals available in our offer. Compliant with DIN 3760, which confirms their quality. Rings made of rubber mixture: fluoride rubber. So let’s check the characteristic conditions under which fpm sealing rings or FKM should be used.

  • operating at temperatures up to +210 degrees C and even +250 on the Celsius scale
  • constant contact with oils and lubricants
  • vacuum work

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