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Traffic should be properly regulated each time. Even the slightest stumble can lead to fatal accident. Therefore, you have to make every effort to make it work like a Swiss watch movement – reliably. That is why we have created a complete database of road accessories that will help you bring order in all conditions.

A road shop full of high-quality road accessories near Warsaw!
Our extensive range allows you to create a safe space in any traffic situation. Limited visibility in a curve? It is enough to install the mirrors in the right place and you will be able to drive our car again without fear of a collision. Renovation work has started on the road section and it needs to be excluded from traffic? Road cones and temporary traffic lights will create an alternative road. In a place where children play, cars go too fast? It’s time to install a speed bump.

Road accessories – POWER Rubber road shop
Safety is one of the most important values ​​for Power Rubber. It is what enables our society to develop. Our products are available wherever reliable workmanship and precision of operation are important, but above all where a high level of road safety is needed. Speed ​​bumps are the best example of such a solution on roads and streets. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer.


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Showing 1–12 of 154 results

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Road and street equipment

Ausrüstung für Straßen und Wege
bariery plastikowe w kolorze czerwono biale na ulicy po ktorej widać światla samochodow.

Our store with an assortment of rubber products also offers road and street equipment. The offer allows you to deliver even the same day such elements as: speed bumps, parking fenders called parking separators, concrete and plastic road barriers, traffic bollards and mirrors. Also temporary signaling devices are on offer, which is supplemented with ramps for curbs and tapes – both warning and anti-slip

Rubber Parking Separator

separator parkingowy gumowy
Chroń pieszych i budynki przed niebezpieczeństwem pojazdów mechanicznych. Zastosuj separatory parkingowe.

Protect pedestrians and buildings from the danger of motor vehicles. Use parking separators.One of the elements constituting a permanent element of car park equipment are parking limiters. Their goal is to limit the passage of cars and vehicles in the parking lot. Thus, they protect buildings and pedestrian paths against ill-considered entry. They are an element increasing the level of security and offering a higher level of security.

Speed bumps

Yellow speed bumps
Reduce the speed of vehicles by using speed bumps.

Reduce vehicle speed using the speed bumpsReducing the speed of vehicles, especially passenger cars in crowded parking lots is possible using the release thresholds. Depending on the place of use, we can choose thresholds reducing the speed for travel to 20km / h, and in exceptional cases even lower speeds. The thresholds are available in black and yellow. Black and yellow release thresholds are used alternately. Once yellow, once black. It is worth remembering to use the correct ending on the speed reduction thresholds. Also available in color variants.

Road safety is the key!

Road safety is influenced by many components, such as:

  • road signs
  • thresholds
  • parking blocks
  • road mirrors

or other elements increasing the level of security. First of all, the most important factor is People who make every effort to improve their safety. Welcome to POWER Rubber.