Street bollards

Flexible road bollards

Road bollards with Power Rubber will allow you to reliably secure the edge of a sidewalk or road. Our many years of practice and innovative technological facilities mean that we can offer you products of extraordinary quality and incredible durability. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the range of this category.

Road bollards
Street infrastructure is a specific set of many elements. Therefore, you must ensure that all parts of it are in immaculate condition. This can only be achieved thanks to devices obtained from the high durability of materials. At Power Rubber you will find professional road bollards that will positively blend in with the street landscape. Our carefully specified offer also includes accessories for road bollards – visors.

Road bollards – guarding street safety
Thanks to Power Rubber road bollards, every pedestrian who travels along main, national or local roads can be sure he is safe. The posts will additionally visibly separate the area. Power Rubber – you can reach your destination with us without any obstacles.


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Showing 1–12 of 49 results

Plastic road bollards

Road bollards protecting the road and roadway

Street bollards
słupki drogowe ostrzegają i zabezpieczają

Road bollards are one of the basic elements protecting the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. They are used most often to prevent cars from entering pavements or pedestrian or bicycle routes. Today, road bollards are manufactured on the basis of plastic materials. As a result, they are characterized by a much higher resistance to mechanical damage and harmful weather conditions. They must be clearly marked by the use of intense colors and reflective elements, which means that they are visible on the road at any time and in all conditions. Their use significantly improves the level of safety in pedestrian and vehicle traffic